Interview with Actress, Producer, & Future Scream Queen Stormi Maya

We were recently introduced to actress, producer, and future scream queen, Stormi Maya, and now we want to introduce her to you. In this interview, she talks to us about how her career began, some of her current roles, and why she fell in love with horror.  Please take a few minutes and get to know the next scream queen in Hollywood, Stormi Maya…

-PH: Before we talk about your upcoming projects, how about you tell our readers a little about yourself, and how your career in films got started?

-Stormi: I began modeling at the age of 16 years old, became an international Playboy Playmate and then started performing in theater. After performing in theater shows around NYC, I decided to study film. I had an audition for a feature film, Butterfly Chasers. After receiving a supporting role, I had the confidence to keep going. To escalate my career, I started creating my own content and producing.

-PH: Once you started acting, you found a love for horror. What was it about horror that drew you into it? When you started acting could you ever imagine being in a horror movie?

-Stormi: I love how Horror is a super genre, every other genre can live inside of it – comedy, thriller, drama, action, fantasy, scifi etc. I wanted to make my audience vulnerable and feel. Unravel all their fears. I found horror a challenge, I wanted to take it, and I fell in love. So much emotion goes into performing in horror, its beautiful.

-PH: So lets talk about some of your recent projects. Tell us a little about “Playing with Dolls: Havoc,” and what your role in it is.

-Stormi: In Playing with Dolls, I am Annabelle a young woman who thinks shes on a game show to win money but I’m actually in a trap. A sick serial killer escapes a mental ward…again (this is part 3) and I am fighting for my life.

-PH: How did you come to star in the film?

-Stormi: Director Rene Perez found me on Facebook actually, I am apart of alot of actor/film groups. He messaged me and I immediately replied and we hit it off. 

-PH: You’re also in the upcoming film “It Hungers.” What can fans expect from this film, and your role in it?

-Stormi: I am the Producer of It Hungers, I am also the lead character, Rachel. My director once again is the amazing Rene Perez. IT Hungers, surrounds the story of Rachel a beautiful outlaw who is lured into the castle of a cannibalistic monster that feeds off fear. He unleashes a Macabre clown to terrorize me. The film is also set in 1978, which gives it an extra interesting touch.

-PH: What is the biggest difference between your roles in these two films?

-Stormi: In Playing with Dolls I don’t say much and you don’t get to see much of my character and who I am. Theres alot of character development in IT HUNGERS. In, It Hungers, you see my character grow and you can deeply relate to her. 

-PH: Both of these films are directed and written by Rene Perez. What’s it like working with him? Did it give you confidence that he had you back in a second film?

-Stormi: I adore Rene because he pushes me so hard. He wants me to be known for my talents and not just my looks. He encouraged me to produce my first film and he even mentored me.

-PH: As you mentioned, you’re also one of the producers of “It Hungers.” How did that come to be?

-Stormi: I decided the best way to push my career is to develop my own work and opportunities. Rene guided me. 

-PH: Besides acting and producing, have you ever done any directing and/or writing for a film?

-Stormi: I wrote a few short films. I do not enjoy directing, I have directed theater…actors are a pain to direct. 

-PH: You’ve worked on both short and featured films. Do you have a preference of one over the other, or is it more about the project itself?

-Stormi: Featured films are better because they can be distributed, and you have more time to develop your characters and story. Short films are a great way to display your talent since everyone has a short attention spand.

-PH: What is the craziest thing you’ve done in a horror movie so far? Is there something you’re looking forward to getting the opportunity to do one day?

-Stormi: I had to shoot a gun multiple times in, IT HUNGERS. The sound drove me insane but definitely worth it. I’d love to do a scene underwater one day.

-PH: You mentioned that you want to be the next big scream queen in Hollywood. What intrigues you about becoming a scream queen?

-Stormi: Scream queens are dying out, I need to save the title. Scream queens are sexy, powerful yet can show vulnerability and extremely talented. They show one of the hardest emotions to fake, fear. I would love to have cult movies, be idolized as the face of Horror and make bad ass films.

-PH: Who are your favorite scream queens? Do any of them play a role in you wanting to become one?

-Stormi: I tell everyone…only one has my heart.. JAMIE LEE CURTIS. I LOVE HER. Her sex appeal, talent and great attitude is admirable. Halloween, she was amazing. I use her as a reference, whenever I perform.

-PH: Women in horror have made their voices known more now then ever before. How important is it for you to be one of the voices, and what would you like to see from women in horror in the coming years?

-Stormi: It means the world to me. One things I like about horror, no boundaries. And thats who I am. I am boundless. I want to show women, sexuality is empowering not shameful. I want to see more women of color in horror as well. Just for some diversity.

-PH: Here’s your chance to promote anything we haven’t talked. Let us know about any of your other films, upcoming projects, or anything else you would like to mention.

-Stormi: I have three horror shorts coming out this year- Cattle, Satanic Mingle, and Hell of A Year. I have a few featured films and other shorts coming but I can’t say too much yet. Follow me on social media and I’ll keep you all updated…..

We would like to thank Stormi for taking the time to answer our questions. Hopefully you learned a lot about her, and can see why she will be the a future scream queen. If you would like to read a little more about her, you can find her on IMDB, and of course at the social media links above. Below are trailers for some of the films mentioned in the interview along with important links for “Playing with Dolls: Havoc.”

On Facebook:

The film’s homepage:

Available for viewing here:

And here:

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