“Out here. In the dark. In this trunk. No one can hear you get eaten.”

3 childhood friends reunite on a road trip to destroy a car possessed by a demon from Jupiter.

It is a sci fi, horror comedy romp and a send up of b movies with references, but the story is unique and sets a tone not many other films have.

Starring: Kera Lynn (Baywatch 2017), and John T. Maye (Binge Watchers Podcast, Comedian)

Directors: John T. Maye, and Nick Thiel

Writer: John T. Maye

Director John T. Maye decided that he will keep a director’s notebook during the creation of “Jupiter Lift.” He introduces the notebook in this video…

And in this video, he talks about casting lead actress Kera Lynn…

They “want to make Jupiter Lift because we are filmmakers who love films, we were just fans sitting around watching horror and comedies then we grew up as professional binge watchers that want to roll out this incredible cult film waiting to explode across the internet…”

But before “Jupiter Lift” can explode across the internet they need your help to make it happen! Please click the pic and support this film today…

There are plenty of awesome rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-A digital copy of the film

-A Jupiter Lift t-shirt

-Kera Lynn will model your brand

-Be a guest on the Binge Watchers Podcast

-Become an Executive Producer on the film

Visit Jupiter Lift on Indiegogo to…

-Read more about their story

-View more of the director’s notebook videos, and Kera Lynn’s screen test

-See a complete list of all the available rewards

You can also find the film on IMDB, follow John on Twitter, and listen to the Binge Watchers Podcast on iTunes!

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