Brutal Death/Grind Trio FECALIZER Drop ‘Back From The Dead – The Wonder Shits’ Album

Mexico. Along with being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it also has a reputation as one of the most savage – as it comes to our beloved brutality that is death metal. How the hell does a country that has given the world’s best in both cuisine and family pet (tacos and chihuahuas) can they also give us the world’s best in extreme music? Well, when you have band’s such as THE CHASM, BRUJERIA, DISGORGE, and HACAVITZ, it’s easy to draw inspiration.

So, with the stage set, enter brutal death/grind band FECALIZER. If you are a fan of sample-heavy horror-grind, you surely have heard these guys. Kicking around for over a decade, the guys were asked to contribute to the ANAL CUNT tribute, Defenders Of The Noise, with their version of the classic song ‘Trapped’. This kinda paints a picture of the FECALIZER experience – one which sees them wearing their influences on their sleeves (or, more fittingly, patched jackets) – with bands such as MORTICIAN, DEAD INFECTION, MUCUPURLENT, LDOH, CBT, CARCASS, EXHUMED, among many others.

After their critically-acclaimed Grind Galore, released earlier this year, the guys are back with a best-of album, entitled Back From The Dead: The Wonder (S)hits, which celebrates fourteen years of good shit(s)! If you have yet to take the Fecalizer experience, grab yourself a big roll of four-ply toilet paper and dive in! This is the perfect shit (no pun intended) while we all await their third full-length album, Fecal Inferno, which will hit in the new year!


1. The Night He Came Home (Intro)
2. Anal Massacre
3. Fecalizer
4. Empire State Of Grind
5. Mortal Cumbath
6. Eat My Shit Mother Fucker
7. We Are Going To Eat You
8. Gore Galore
9. Let The Zombies Rule The World
10. Walking Cadavers Catastrophy
11. The Walking Dead Invasion
12. Living Dead Domination
13. Gangbang In Fecal City
14. Fuck Humanity
15. Morturom Demonto
16. Brutal Revenge
17. Dr. Cannibal
18. The House Of The Dead
19. BxRxAxIxNxSx
20. Born In Shit
21. Stench Coprophagy
22. When The Zombies Takes The Earth
23. Apocalyptic Friday

Produced by Mr. Bogdan Nowak and Fecalizer.
Executive production by CDN Records 2017.
Artwork by Ray Vazquez (Cerebral Crusher / Rotten Design).
Band photo by OMGU (Alex Murphy / OMGU Media).
All music and arrangements by Fecalizer, all lyrics by Necro Fecal.
Guest vocals on “Gore Galore” by Luisma (Haemorrhage).
Intro on “We are Going to Eat You” by Barry Grind (Ripping Organs).

Watch the Official Video for ‘Gore Galore’!

Watch the Official Video for ‘Mortal Cumbath
Watch the Official Video for ‘The Walking Dead Invasion

NECRO FECAL: Vomits & Bass

YouTube: Fecalizer Official Mx
Facebook: /fecalizer.mexico/

CDN Records Website:

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