“Such emotion and he is able to capture all ages of the characters. For narration I can only give 5 stars”…

Dr. Siegfried Klein has vanished on a mysterious pilgrimage to an abandoned infirmary in the ghost-town of Moonville. The locals in the surrounding areas are tight-lipped, hostile to outsiders. Local legend has it that the old Sick House is packed with spirits, none of them friendly, and that to set foot in it is to enter Hell itself. Enter Harlan Ulrich, private investigator and skeptic.

“In all, this was a surprisingly good read and one I’d recommend. The author has captured my attention with his descriptive writing and captivating characters. I will definitely check out more by him and can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Wow, Jake Urry was brilliant. He has a very distinctive voice and is able to bring the story alive. He captured the tone of the book perfectly and made the whole experience creepier. He was easy to listen to and knows how to perform!!”

The Sick House is some good old fashioned paranormal fun. A mystery wrapped up in a ghost story, this tale will keep you listening. Jake Urry gives a fabulous performance, bringing each character to life and making every moment interesting. I would recommend this book to my horror loving friends!”

“Normally, I read the story first and then listen to the story. In this case, I think I’m glad I didn’t. Urry’s narration was smooth yet ominus. In some places, I almost heard shades of Anthony Hopkins. The performance almost felt like a bed time story told by Hannibal Lector.”

“This reader was excellent! I loved him, I loved his voice, the accent – kind of sexy! In a creepy, dark, horror story kind of way lol. But seriously – he made the book for me! And I am really looking forward to listening to him on the second one!”

Before we get to the next one get your copy at:

Amazon (Audio)     Amazon (Kindle)     Audible     iTunes

And now to the exciting sequel…

The Spirits of Exeter House are Restless. Facing tough times, private investigator Harlan Ulrich takes a job looking after a historic downtown building as a favor to an old acquaintance who’s out on business. Settling into the elegant Exeter House for a week-long stay, Ulrich’s apartment is beautifully furnished and situated on the top floor, giving him a great view of the city. At first, he thinks it a wonderful opportunity. He’s got plenty of coffee, good books to read and the whole building to himself. At least, that’s what he’s been told.

“Let me give you one advice: don’t listen (or read) this book in bed! Jake Urry’s narration adds greatly to the effect, the creepy atmosphere, the terror Ulrich feels. It’s once again an excellent narration, transferring all the horror directly into your head. Well, maybe I’m especially susceptible, I don’t know. However, I think there’s an inherit fear of all things unknown and/or inexplicable in each of us, and Ambrose Ibsen’s story appeals to that fear — while Jake Urry does his best to make it seem real.”

“In all, this was an excellent second book. It gripped me from the very first page and didn’t let go!! This author has created some very creepy, scary mysteries that will leave you wanting more! I am so looking forward to seeing more from this character, who has quickly become one of my favorites. Jake Urry has once again nailed his performance!! He really does have a voice that can portray the creepiness and spookiness of the book perfectly. He just knows how to read these type of books well and gives his all, all the time. He is a narrator that has made it on to my favourites list!! Highly recommend.”

“This is one of the best horror I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. The story is well written with twists and turns that I didn’t expect. Ambrose Ibsen even managed to get a giggle out of me at the oddest times. Love that!! The narrator Jake Urry is perfect for the narrator of this book! The tone of his voice and the emotions used was perfect. I have to applaud his work, well done!!!”

“Ambrose Ibsen and Jake Urry might be my favorite supernatural-thriller duo as author and narrator! ‘Medicine for the Dead,’ book 2 of The Ulrich Files series, delivers a knuckle biting ghost story that won’t be soon forgotten. I absolutely can’t wait for book 3 of this series!! I would recommend this audio book to any of my friends who enjoy a good ghost story. Ibsen is a master of this kind of tale and Urry’s narration expertly brings the characters to life in a way that kept me on my toes throughout.” 

Again before we complete the trilogy, get your copy of book 2 at:

Amazon (Audible)    Amazon (Kindle)     Audible     iTunes

And now to the amazing third book…

“Ghosts don’t simply latch onto places, investigator. People can become haunted, too.”

A missing person. A city plunged into unforgiving winter. A dangerous spirit.

Though enjoying an increase in business following his last case, life isn’t all roses for private investigator Harlan Ulrich. His newest job, another missing person’s case, is unlike any other he’s ever taken on.

Local businessman Michael Poole hires Ulrich to find his estranged daughter.

The problem?

She’s been dead for a decade.

Join Ulrich on a trip into the darkness, into the frostbitten underworld, as he seeks out a hateful phantom with only a cat and a thermos of good coffee on his side.

“This story had atmosphere and was moody. Ambrose Ibsen did a great job of setting the tone, and Jake Urry did an amazing job of oozing out the mood. Jake is one of my favorite narrators and I plan to stalk him on Audible until I have listened to nearly everything he has done. If you like mysteries and ghost stories, this book is a perfect mashup.”

“If you like stories of the paranormal variety then Ambrose Ibsen and Jake Urry are just right for you! I’ve listened to a number of books by this duo and they never, ever disappoint. Ibsen’s stories are of the old-school ghost variety… I enjoy these books so very much and I would recommend this tale to anyone who enjoys a good spooky story! 10/10″

“The characters in this story were well thought out and the pacing of the story is great. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing throughout the novel. The narrator, Jake Urry, has the perfect voice for this series, and this is the first book where I’ve heard him introduce sound effects and music. They seemed well thought-out and were well placed helping my sense of immersion. Overall a great continuation to the series and I hope he keeps them coming.”

“I’ve been waiting for the 3rd book in the Ulrich files for a long time, and the day has risen! Yay! I think this is the best book in the series so far. It didn’t disappoint a bit and it contains a spellbinding story. Also a story full of suspense, chills and heartbreak. Ambrose Ibsen really did it this time. Narrator Jake Urry is always perfect for this genre and in this book there where chilling sound effects, which made the setting so much better. I really felt I was there, which could seem not so cozy, because the story certainly wasn’t. Jake is getting (again!) 5 stars for his magnificent performance and sound effects in this thriller.”

Don’t miss this chilling book! Get your copy at:

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