“Horror aficionados will revel in the horror and relish each page”…

As the Black Death quickly spreads through the kingdom, the little hamlet of Blythe’s Hollow suffers under the yoke of a sadistic lord. Desperate, the villagers decide to seek out the magical help of a local witch, causing the wrath of the Church. Torture and murder befall on those accused of being in league with the Devil, adding more sorrow to the beset folk of the village. Yet, one man will rise up against the tyranny; a man willing to learn Black Magic to fight back.

“For those that love true horror and gore, you will not be disappointed. After reading the first chapter, my eyes were saucers and mouth left agape…..Wowza. I wasn’t expecting to be shocked yet magnetically drawn in to the horrors described. Seriously, horror aficionados will revel in the horror and relish each page, word by word. This novel is film worthy and would make for classic horror movie……Invest in buying and reading this graphic horror novel…. You will be left uncomfortably satisfied, yet craving more…..”

“I got the original press of this book and was genuinely enticed right from the start. The visuals were so intense I found myself reading faster and faster to get to more of those parts. In my attempt to find the horrific parts, I found myself also becoming attached to some of the characters! No spoilers in this review, you’ll have to read it for yourself. This book details the dark ages in a way that I found whimsical and rather clever! The struggles of taboo topics and subjects often disputed throughout history was gratifying making this both a pleasant read and an incredible story! This reboot simply adds to the experience making another read through a must! I’d recommend this book to any horror/history fan!”

“This book fascinated me, between the church and what they called the dark magick you are totally engrossed in the pages. The church wielded so much power back then and honestly it was horrible. The author paints a picture of horrible conditions and plights of the people under the thumb. It makes you think of what those people went through. The author describes the medieval ways of torture in a way that it feels like you are right there watching it. The very first chapter had me squirming on the details of how a young witch is tortured by the Father John and Lawrence.”

“Does not disappoint!”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the horror genre with a historical backdrop.”

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And after you finish ‘Righteous Maleficia,’ check out…

Six people find themselves trapped in Love Canal, Niagara Falls, an old toxic waste site and witness the first hours of the plague that brings the dead back to life.

“This was a great read, the author takes us on a journey with such twists and turns. You are on the edge of your seat all the way through this book. I can’t believe that he had made the movie before he wrote the book. The author did a great job when he developed the characters and set up the story line. If you want a great story that is also a great movie, You will not be disappointed its a great addition to the zombie genre.”

“If you are a die hard ZOMBIE fan and love books that have an excellent story line, interesting characters and the FRIGHT and GORE to match, this is the novel for you. Once I began reading I couldn’t put it down till I was finished so prepare for an all nighter once you begin reading.”

The Plague is the first book I’ve ever read by author Emir Skalonja and let me just say it was fantastic. I was engaged from minute I started reading. As I read, the words came to life and I could clearly see everything describe. I always caught myself looking over ny shoulders and feet from time to time because the detail was very live like. I got creepy chills. Great job! I look forward to reading more from Emir Skalonja.”

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About Emir Skalonja

Emir Skalonja is a writer and a filmmaker. He is the author of two horror novels, Righteous Maleficia and Born of Blood. He has directed low budget horror films such as The Plague, The Plague 2 and a neo noire action film. Jericho. He lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife Nicole and their two dogs and two cats.

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