LGBT Slasher ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ Now on DVD!

Film Distributors Together Magic & Reel Nightmare Films are starting 2018 with the DVD release of their hit slasher film “Alpha Delta Zatan.”

The film’s official synopsis reads: “In a frat house where no one can be trusted, a new brother becomes the target of a masked killer.”

Directed by Art Arutyunyan from a script by Armand Petri, “Alpha Delta Zatan” has been called “A Sexy and Entertaining Movie” with a “Gorgeous Male Cast” by LGBT critics in the United States.

“Alpha Delta Zatan” is now streaming on Amazon Video US/UK and worldwide on Vimeo On Demand. The DVD can be purchased today on

DVD Purchase Link:
Prime Video USA:
Prime Video UK:
Vimeo On Demand:

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