“10 tales of probably the most interesting aspect of any zombie literature…”

Ten utterly gruesome tales, that will disable you.
You won’t know what hit you.
You will from this day forward sleep with one eye open.
Insist that all the lights stay on…always.
You will begin a ritual; checking under your bed, inside the closet and double checking your windows.
Throw into this the sick and twisted and the utterly crazy humor and your stomach will explode.
With some erotica, you’ll be hot and sweaty and wont know which way to run…and you’ll be scared for life.
In the best possible way.

“This absolutely shocking actioner from horror writer Ellie Douglas is 10 tales of probably the most interesting aspect of any zombie literature—the beginning of what I like to call —GOING DOWN INTO IT.”

 “The stories are big on action and really creepy introductions.”

“There were five well written stories that did not break any new ground for me, yet the other five showed remarkable originality and innovation. This is a stunning wild ride for the horror fan.”

 “There were stories that were reminiscent of Rod Serlingesque satire that amused, stories of places past and present, and zipping all over the world. The rest home tale was a favorite, with a very realistic look at the end of the world from an 80 year old tough guy, with loads of humorous moments, and finally the poignant outlook. My favorite was the western, since the author has a great conspiracy laden back story related to the plague which could be explored further in a novel.”

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And if you survive that thriller, get your hands on…

They believed there phobias were just nightmares…
They believed Doctor Felix Bloom would cure them…
They were… So WRONG!

Doctor Felix Bloom preys on people with phobias, by using their worst fears he gets them to do the unthinkable.

If you thought being scared to death was a myth, think again.

Doctor Felix Bloom will prove you wrong.

Ellie Douglas’s, “Fear Inducer” takes readers by the throat at the very start and refuses to let go until the life leaves the body in the messiest way possible. Douglas’s ability to detail the gruesome so expertly will leave many a reader gagging while their toes curl. Ramping the gore up to maximum, Douglas ensures that readers are not only grossed out, but turning the pages out of fear, and out of addiction for what happens next as she strings us along like hooked fish and stuck flies in her web of created horror.”

“If you like horror, if you crave toe curling fun at the expense of people suffering from phobias, maybe even one of your own, you can not go wrong with Douglas’s, “Fear Inducer

Fear Inducer is a powerful work that should prove to be quite capable of setting your nerves on edge―only daylight reading recommended, though!”

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About author Ellie Douglas

Ellie Douglas, born and raised in New Zealand. A graduate of Massey, is a freelance graphic artist, spent 10 years working with Autistic Children, and has done some overseas traveling. She is a member of NZSA and SpecFicNZ.

Ellie went into motherhood, with four children, including one set of non-identical twins. Ellie was able to dive right into her creative side. She started out as a freelance graphic artist, and to this day she still creates award-winning professional pre-made book covers. During her designing of book covers she would write, sparking her inner desire to be an author. Writing more and more until she finished her first novel, Zombie Dogs.

Ellie has two brothers, one younger, one older, both of whom she adores dearly. Ellie is a very warm, fun-loving, friendly, generously giving woman, she’s mysterious and enjoys keeping the suspense going. She is hard-working, loyal and very down to earth.

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