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Hopefully you enjoyed that because now Paul Williams and Evil Hypnotist Productions, the team behind the multi-award winning horror comedy that you just watched, are preparing to bring horror fans…

Frank & Mary” is the modern day tale of an elderly DIY enthusiast who reanimates his recently deceased wife in the garden shed. He struggles to keep her secret as her decomposing mind turns violent and the bodies start to pile up beneath the flowerbed.

Writer/Director Paul Williams talks about “Frank & Mary”:

“You’ve heard of the horror genre The Cabin in the Woods, well, this is the British version – the shed in the garden. Think live action Wallace & Gromit meets Hammer Horror with an Inside No 9 twist. British illustrator Heath Robinson is the inspiration for the contraptions used to augment Mary. Frank rebuilds her from whatever he can find in his garden shed and by the end of the film Mary is more D.I.Y project than human.”

“The Furred Man” won multiple international film awards and was shown at 45 film festivals. Now it’s time to help “Frank & Mary” achieve the same success by pledging to their campaign. Please click the pic and support their campaign today…

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to their campaign like…

-Getting an exclusive movie poster

-Getting your name in the “Thank You” credits of the film

-Being an extra in the film

-Being an Executive Producer with credit in IMDB

Visit “Frank & Mary” on Kickstarter to…

-Learn more about the film

-Read about the crew behind the film

-Find all of the available perks for pledging to this campaign

For more information, please visit:

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, and “Like” their Facebook page!

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