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Discover disturbing and bizarre murders and disappearances that still remain unsolved!

Warning: All of the stories in this book have been verified as TRUE! These are not hoaxes – they are backed up by FACTS. Warning: may be disturbing for some!

Discover freakish, unsolved cases in Hannah J. Tidy’s Horror Stories: Terrifyingly Real Stories of Unsolved Cases. All of these cases remain unsolved mysteries that continue to intrigue and perplex us.

In this new edition, Horror Stories by Hannah J. Tidy, you’ll discover a very disturbing incident that occurred in a girl scout camp.

Excerpt from the book:

Girl Scout Slayings- Most will agree that nothing is quite as horrific as when grievous harm comes to children. Unfortunately, we are all too aware that there are some individuals out there who make it their mission in life to hurt the little ones.

These inhuman deeds are made even worse when the culprit remains beyond the reach of justice. One such tragedy shocked Mayes County, Oklahoma on June 13, 1977. The girls were staying at camp along with many other children and camp personnel. One night, a counselor was suddenly awakened by strange screams, the likes of which she had never heard before. The counselor later described the sound as an unidentified animal resembling some kind of a cross between a bullhorn and a frog. The woman proceeded outside to investigate with a flashlight. The low, disturbing sound continued, stopping only when she would flash the light. After the noise stopped and nothing out of the ordinary could be seen, the counselor decided to go back to sleep. What she discovered the next morning would change her life forever. As she approached the children’s tents…

“These short stories of disappearances, crimes and mysteries are perfect for bedtime reading. They are incredibly weird and thought provoking.”

“I love true and real stories. I don’t believe them all, but they are fun to read/hear about. Would recommend.”

“This book is especially for people who love horror this book will engage your mind and sweep you off your feet you will be glad you read it”

“If you want to be thrilled and your a fan of horror this is really a great books and also a true life story, this book will keep you busy”

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And if it leaves you wanting more horror stories, then check out…

Discover the most bizarre unsolved cases in these True Horror Stories
Beware! Some of these stories are a bit gory and are explained in detail. Readers discretion is advised!

Horror Stories: Real Stories From around the world by David M Curtis Is a compilation of the most bizarre paranormal events ever documented. Stories ranging from Real ghost encounters and haunting to Bizarre UFO and Alien abductions. Some of these stories have been classified by the Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum as to be true events.

In one of these bizarre paranormal stories, David M Curtis describes, how a boyfriend received Facebook messages from his girlfriend that died a year earlier. The messages are detailed in this book.

Excerpt from the book:

“Nathan no longer doubted that it was indeed Emily reaching out to him, imploring for help. As one can imagine, this both terrified and shattered him. He was unable to sleep after reading those messages, and when he did, he had heart-breaking nightmares in which Emily is trapped in a cold and freezing car, even while he is standing warm outside the car shouting at Emily to open the door. She can’t seem to hear him, and sometimes her legs seemed to be standing next to Nathan while the rest of the body is inside alluding perhaps to the fact that Emily’s body had actually been severed in the accident.” 

“A handful of scary stories that are based on real events. I liked the added pictures. It had me googling the stories afterwards, looking forward to reading the others. And yeah, the warning about them being gory and scary is true!”

“I loved this book kept me entertained and spooked, would highly recommend”

“I really enjoyed this book! Couldn’t put it down until the last page!”

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Looking for something more than horror stories? How about…

Discover the Horrible Facts of These True Ghost Stories!

Warning: All the stories in this book have been verified as TRUE! These are not hoaxes – they are backed up by FACTS. Maybe disturbing for some!

When you download Hannah J. Tidy’s Ghost Stories: Compilation of horrifying REAL ghost stories- Truly disturbing Hauntings & Paranormal stories, your skin will crawl with the idea that these stories are real – and could happen to anyone.

In this New Edition Ghost Stories, you’ll find a new horrifying chapter on a particular art piece that has been circulating eBay believed to be extremely haunted! buyer beware. and many many more newly added Ghost Stories.

Excerpt from the book:

“Haunted Painting- Little did he know that what he created would become something of a legend. Looking at the painting will give you the creeps. In the painting, The boy’s eyes are almost non-existent as if he is squinting. His pale skin appears sickly or even lifeless. Next to him on his right stands a little girl doll with hollowed out eyes. Within the next 10 years, three people who dealt with the painting died suddenly. Everybody that has had a glimpse of the artwork all agree that that is one creepy, haunting image.

The painting vanished from the next 26 years and then resurfaced in an eBay listing, out of the blue. According to the previous owner of the painting, “The children depicted in the painting were coming alive at night and stepping out of the painting into the real world!”

“I have been looking to get a good book on true ghost stories for some time and I’m really happy I bought this one.Some of the true stories managed to raise the hair on the back of my neck and really had me gripped. If you’re a fan of ghost stories, you should definitely give this book a read.”

“All I can say is OMG! Since I was a kid, I have always been a big fan of ghost and horror stories, even movies! This book is so awesome, the stories are giving me the creeps. A great collection of real ghost stories so far.”

“I enjoyed the stories and I am just so interested in the paranormal myself .. And it felt like the writer actually took me to all of these places.. I love this book and I’ll read it again and again”

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