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Now available everywhere, the new paperback book, Rumors by Reynaldo Reyes. This is a new edition to Reyes series, Portal To Hell, where he explores his own real life supernatural occurrences.

On October 31, 1980 during my seventeenth year a dramatic supernatural phenomenon event occurred. For the first time in my life, I was given a sight beyond sight. An epiphany where truths about the supernatural were revealed to me. A year later I was under attack by the same entity that gave me this knowledge. Through the use of witchcraft, this entity allowed dark sorcery to invade my vessel to influence my vision. But the aftermath, in reality, was a frightening experience. In conclusion, I have just skimmed the surface with my life encounters with the unexplained.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781387768219
Copyright: Standard Copyright License
Published: April 30, 2018
Language: English
Pages: 296
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Black & w25hite
Weight: 1.11 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 6 wide x 9 tall
Product ID: 236235
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My name is Reynaldo Reyes I am a new writer, artist, and independent filmmaker. I have been writing a true story about my life and it was inspired by the rap group Run DMC in the early 1980’s. I also sent my condolences to the family of Jason Mizell.  I am very sad about that tragedy. Jam Master Jay’s Unsolved Death is still Active today. But if you understand Horror you will realize that Jam Master Jays death was a Sinister Supernatural Murder.

I have been experiencing ghostly events and visions since October 31, 1980 and somehow there is a strong connection with the rappers Run DMC from Hollis, Queens, N.Y. I am a Roman Catholic, this is the religion that my mother raised me with since I was born. I produced a feature film documentary, painted huge portraits, and wrote books about my life and my experiences with God and the rappers Run DMC.

When a flaming spirit steps through a portal in the teenage Reynaldo Reyes’s living room in Brooklyn, NY and in Tampa Florida. It’s just the first of a series of frightening encounters and unexplained deaths, including that of the well-known  rapper Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. This is the bizarre true story of a life-long struggle with the Ultimate Horror.

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