“An utterly original work. A book that loves to play games with the reader’s mind…” (Dread Central)

Ayden finds himself held captive by his former friend, Phillip. Phillip believes Ayden holds the key to finding Ginger, his missing girlfriend.

This shocking claim forces Ayden to revisit the adolescent world he shared with his older brother, Everett. It is a world where truth is uncertain and dreams and imagination blur with reality. Everett insists Ayden possesses powers of clairvoyance and has the ability to conjure entities from his mind. As Everett pushes Ayden into increasingly darker territories, events turn deadly.

Digging into this murky past, Ayden and Phillip awaken old demons they must face as they race to find Ginger.

Where the Cats Will Not Follow is a strange journey into the mind of a troubled young man who may be delusional–or may in fact possess the extraordinary abilities he was believed to once hold.

Author Stephen Stromp talks about his new book…

“Beyond the surrealism and nightmarish qualities, I see it as an exploration of unhealthy relationships. At its core, it’s an emotional coming-of-age story filled with manipulation, angst, and gut-wrenching self-discovery. I wanted to capture the emotions of someone resisting the transition into adulthood so vehemently, so keen on staying in the past and attempting to relive it, that he is practically kicking and screaming against growing up.”

“This book…from the title to the last page, I was completely intrigued. The author tells an engrossing story with beautiful writing and not only bends genres but shatters them. I was provided an advanced copy and finished it in one sitting because I couldn’t set it aside.”

“I loved this book along with all of the past ones from Stephen Stromp. The story from the get-go is intriguing, and the characters pull you into their stories. Exciting and full of twists, I was drawn into this story and read it in a weekend – but slowed down at the end only because I didn’t want it to be over!”

Where the Cats Will Not Follow is a beautiful example of a novel that refuses to live within the confines of one genre and is all the better for it. It’s a quality fusion of fantasy, horror and surrealism with the continual bleeding of a nightmarish dream-world into reality. Prepare for a unique coming of age tale. Highly recommended.”

“So good, such a page turner I could not put it down. Definitely a great book to pick up for your collection! So spooky!”

“I’m not big into fantasy, and I wasn’t really expecting all the fantasy elements in this book. But the story was so original and well told. The blending of fantasy and horror really worked for me. I liked how you could never really tell if Ayden or Everett were good or evil. I’d recommend to those who like horror with some fantasy elements.”

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And after you finish that awesome 5 star book, check out…

Seventeen-year-old Lisa Jacobs is determined to solve her father’s gruesome murder. But before she can investigate in her own small town, she is forced to spend the summer with her Uncle Clayton, the owner of Grand Hallow–a massive funeral and mortuary operation the size of a small city. Her move to Grand Hallow only deepens the mystery as she begins to suspect the strange and chilling occurrences there are linked to her father’s death. With the help of her acid-tongued best friend and deadbeat brother, Lisa must unravel the secrets of Grand Hallow–before it’s too late.

“a unique, one of a kind book, with lots of twists and turns that I didn’t expect.”

“This book blew me away! It’s so wonderful to have a fresh take on a classic genre. I adore ghost stories, love a good mystery and have a never ending affection for big creepy houses and anything paranormal. This book included all of these things (sort of), but did it in such a vibrant new way, I was hooked!!! I think I have a new favorite author to add to my list. Thank you!!”

“A bit of advice, don’t read this alone, after dark. But whatever you do, do read it! It is horrible and fascinating at the same time. I think it will take a while before I can shake the images from my mind. Stephen Stromp has one sick, twisted mind. I’d love to sit and talk to him about this story, where he got the horrid idea from, and how I could learn to write like this.”

Get your copy today at:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HN4DJ9E
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01HN4DJ9E
Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01HN4DJ9E
Amazon Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01HN4DJ9E  

About author Stephen Stromp

What interests me are stories you can’t quite put your finger on, stories that may start in a familiar reality, but begin to cross the line a bit into the whimsical and surreal. I am often drawn to darker themes and like to dabble in horror, although I also like to mix different genres depending on where the story takes me.

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