MANIAC, DEEP RED and More Coming to Full Moon Streaming!

Influential horror classics among new slate of titles added to noted genre film channel

Full Moon Streaming – the horror, cult, science fiction and fantasy film channel owned and operated by legendary studio Full Moon – has just announced the acquisition of several new titles from the Blue Underground library, including director William Lustig’s shattering 1980 New York-set shocker MANIAC. The films join a wealth of cinema already available on Full Moon Streaming, including dozens of titles from Blue Underground, Severin Films, Surrender Cinema, Something Weird Video, Full Moon’s own dense catalog of genre entertainment and a wave of obscure, bizarre motion pictures that can’t be found on any other streaming channels.

MANIAC is just as disturbing a horror film today as it was upon release. In it, character actor Joe Spinnell (THE GODFATHER, TAXI DRIVER) stars as degenerate psycho-killer Frank Zito, a tortured lunatic who prowls the streets of New York City “hunting” for prey. Featuring a shattering lead performance by Spinnell and groundbreaking practical “splatter” effects by legendary artist Tom Savini, MANIAC is not only a major horror film, it stands as one of the most vital marriages of director and actor that the genre has ever produced.

Over the next several weeks, Full Moon Streaming subscribers can watch immaculate HD presentations MANIAC and other new Blue Underground acquisitions like THE PROWLER (another signature Tom Savini gore FX meltdown), dark psycho-thriller NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS, the sexy Carroll Baker supernatural sex romp BABA YAGA, the rough ‘n’ tumble giallo STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER, the violent and metaphysical surrealist western DJANGO KILL!, Dario (SUSPIRIA) Argento’s third film THE CAT ‘O’ NINE TAILS and his ultimate giallo masterpiece DEEP RED (aka PROFONDO ROSS), the movie many cite as the Italian maverick’s greatest achievement.

Subscribe to Full Moon Streaming today at and enter a world of amazing international genre cinema! You’ll never be the same again…

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