Evil John Mays is the next winner of our SFX Horror Makeup Contest. He probably has the most experience of our winners, as he’s been running EJMFX for years. Not only is he a special effects makeup artist, but he’s also a props designer. Currently, he’s working on funding his own horror movie with the working title “Meat Cute.” Below find a little more about John, his company, and of course some gruesome special effects pics…

“John Mays is a special effects makeup artist and props designer currently based out of Colorado. Known in the horror community as “Evil” John Mays for his master gore effects, he is also known in the independent film community for his incredibly realistic handmade props. Most of his props, and all of his makeup prosthetics, are made from scratch lending to the realism of his work.

His talent in special effects makeup, creature and props design can be seen in films such as ZERO ONE, Red Victoria, Murder by Mistake, Sisters Four, Shroud, Dirty Red, Knight Silver, Savage Spirit, The Why, The Stoyanova Incident, The 15 Minute Rule, Crushed, Dementia, Party Girl, Unglued, Sundown, The Keymaker and Jeremy C. Shipp’s “Egg.””

Want some more? Check out this great demo trailer with all kinds of amazing looks…

And don’t forget the props and corpses…

For more pics and information on EJMFX, please visit:


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