“Ok guys, I have to tell you I love a great read as much as the next guy. But holy hades. Talk about scaring your pants off. Whew! You have all the drama, excitement, action, suspense, and a triple dose of the OMGs! LOL. I loved it. I read this bad boy 4 times and I’m not finished yet. Talk about one wild rollercoaster ride thats as nerve racking, nailbiting, spine tingling, sweat producing, thrilling storyline that keeps you on a razors edge the entire tale. Oh baby are you at the right spot. I have never been more impressed by the style, insight, phrasing, plot or just plan nerve of any other author as Jeannie. And it definitely took alot of nerve and will power to pull the is masterpiece off. The characters are intriguing, complex and well balanced to stay the long haul. Their personalities played off one another with such life and individual qualities that was flawless. The scenes so vividly detailed that it paints one believably fantastic backdrop that adds other layers to this page turning, heart pounding masterpiece. The twists and turns along with some unexpected surprises that kept my adrenaline at an all time high. Phenomenal job Jeannie, thanks for sharing this remarkable read with us.”

“Oh my! I wasn’t prepared for this book. I loved it however, it scared me a few times. I was reading at night I heard all sorts of noises. I was to scared to look out front. I thought if I did an saw “Abelia” out there…. oh heck no!! I can say if your looking for a great read to keep you entertained, here it is! I want more of these books. It really got my heart pounding.”

“I was so taken by this book I could not put it down”

“I could not put this book down and read long into the night, way, way after my bedtime! The characters were so multifaceted that I wanted to know more about each one. If you are looking for a rich and heart-pounding scare, this is your ticket.”

“This is a great read. Kind of like an investigation. Looking to see how someone died. And then it grows more intriguing. This Author has a very creative writing story. And brings this story to life. It has lots of twists and turns. But I would definitely recommend this read. It does grab you from the first page till the last.”

Those are just a few of the 5 star reviews that keep coming for…

Don’t open the door.

Don’t look inside.

Some doors are best left closed.

Detective Adam Chapple had always assumed that death was final.

However, after his ex-wife is killed, the boundaries between life and death, fantasy and reality, and truth and lies begin to dissolve, when the main suspect in the murder insists she’s actually his star witness.

Why? Because she met the killer once before.

When they were dead.

As part of his investigation, Adam seeks out the help of self-proclaimed witch, Cassia Veysie who insists she can communicate with the dead. However, the situation rapidly deteriorates when a bungled séance rips open a gateway to a sinister world beyond the veil, and unquiet spirits are unleashed into the world.

Can Cassia and Adam find a way to shore up the breach in the veil and keep the demons at bay?

With time running out and a murderer on the loose, the nightmare is only just beginning…

And it begins with you getting your copy at:

 Amazon     Goodreads

Then don’t miss out on…

It is the worst of times, a time of trauma, turmoil and upheaval. Between 1914 and 1918 the countries of Europe are waging ferocious battle against each other and themselves.

Elizabetta, estranged wife of Count Dracula has set up house in Poperinge, Belgium, close to the Western Front. To all intents and purposes, she is simply one more sad and lonely woman of indeterminate age, missing her husband, and rarely venturing out. But appearances can be deceptive …

Francis is a young British soldier, a talented musician, who gave up his place at the Royal College of Music in London, in order to volunteer for active service at the behest of his country. His expectation is merely this: if he survives the war, he will return home and marry his childhood sweetheart, complete his studies, and teach children to play the piano.

While on a 48-hour pass, Francis’s life changes forever. He stumbles across a murder, and whilst pursuing the culprit runs into the path of Elizabetta. The attraction between them is instant and mutually passionate, but potentially short-lived when an ill-wisher spreads bad tidings and links Francis to one of Elizabetta’s oldest enemies …

Can Elizabetta put aside her natural suspicion of mortals and find a lasting and companionable love with Francis? Or is the love affair doomed to be another casualty of a grim, unrelenting war?

Praise for A Concerto for the Dead and Dying from the Mrs Dracula anthology:

‘This is a new to me author and one I want to read more of in the future. This author has an incredible grasp of detail that plays well into the reader’s imagination. Elizabetta was one of my favourite characters in this anthology and that she placed her in a war time setting was entirely unique.’ Rebecca L Rogers

‘The wartime setting—and how Elizabetta took advantage of it—was especially interesting. I found her relationship with Francis endearing, but that only made the ending even more heartbreaking.’ Becky Stephens, Editor and Reviewer.

Get your copy of this best seller today at:

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About author Jeannie Wycherley

Jeannie Wycherley has always been blessed with a wildly overactive imagination. Her formative years were spent inhabiting the glorious worlds that other writers had created, and even now she finds it a wrench to leave Narnia and Alderley Edge behind. As a child she loved history, and visited many sites of interest, with her family, in the UK and around Europe, and was a keen – and sorrowful – observer of the evil man perpetrates. No surprise therefore that she went on to study history at University, and left – or was eventually politely turfed out – with a PhD in modern and contemporary social history.

After 16 years teaching in higher education, Jeannie hung up her mortar board and scaled down her life. She moved home to Devon with her husband and the fur-kids, three beloved dogs who are spoilt rotten. They all reside in Sidmouth, Devon, where a rocky coastline meets the glorious East Devon countryside, providing immeasurable inspiration for Jeannie’s writing.

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