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Shriekfest Film Festival is in its 18th year in L.A and its 2nd year in ORLANDO and we are offering banner ads on our main page! Reach your target audience of horror and scifi fans! We have several options…

Option 1: BEST DEAL: Premium listing: Your 468×60 pixel banner on our main page for 3 months
AND a 200 word blurb in our monthly newsletter that goes out to tons of horror/scifi fans! (3 month listing) $300.00

Option 2: Banner listing: Your 468×60 pixel banner on our sponsors page for (2 month listing) $100.00

Or these options:

Trailers or commercials (under 60 seconds) screened at the film festival: $100.00 a screening

Monthly Newsletter ad (200 words) $45.00 a month

Postings on Facebook, Twitter (at least 4 postings per site for a month) $100.00 a month Facebook we have over 10,000 fans and twitter we have over 20,000!

Please notify us if you are interested.

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