VILLAINY – A New Play About HH Holmes

VILLAINY at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA – Wednesdays 8 PM through November 7, 2018

In 1893 a Devil roamed the White City at the Chicago World’s Fair.

The Devil was Herman Webster Mudgett, a medical doctor who went by the alias of Henry Howard Holmes, America’s first known serial killer. When captured Holmes penned a pamphlet pleading his innocence, but quickly changed his tune when William Randolph Hearst offered a small fortune for the true story. Holmes then wrote a lurid account of murdering men, women and children in a Hotel he built for the Fair, and selling their skeletons to medical schools.

“One pictures him scurrying into the cellar to dissect a corpse,” wrote Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO, “then hurrying through a concealed passageway to join his latest inamorata in an upstairs bedroom. The comings and goings, the opening and closing of doors as though on cue, are reminiscent of a French farce.”

VILLAINY is Holmes’ Own Story as a sometimes scary, sometimes funny tale of murders & marriages, seductions & swindles, and… a whole lot of skeletons.

The Production Team

Written by John Strysik
Directed by Jeff G. Rack
Produced by John Strysik and Mike Carroll
Lightning Design by Derrick McDaniel
Set Design by Jeff G. Rack
Costumes by Shon LeBlanc
Music & Sound Design by Jay Woelfel
Solo Cello by Jennifer Novak Chun
Make Up & Wigs by Judi Lewin
Technical Director Bandon Loeser

The Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Eric Keitel -as- Henry Howard Holmes
Tor Brown -as- Herman Webster Mudgett + Ben Pitezel + Ned Conner
Jennifer Novak Chun -as- Mrs Holton + Carrie Pitezel + World’s Fair Woman & Chorus
McKenzie Eckels -as- Clara Lovering Mudgett + Julia Conner + Nannie Williams – World’s Fair Woman & Chorus
Nathalie Rudolph -as- Myrta Belknap Holmes + Minnie Williams + Alice Pitezel + World’s Fair Woman & Chorus
Tanya Raisa -as- Emeline Cigrand + Georgiana Yoke Howard + World’s Fair Woman & Chorus

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