Based on a True Story about a Little Girl who had Disappeared in an Accident in Colombia and the Creepiness that Followed…

After Sasha and her girlfriends have an eerie day at the pool in the mountains of Colombia Sasha’s night turns horrifying when she unknowingly awakens a supernatural force.


Manuela Vasquez Ochoa, Valentina Abad Perez, and Camila Velez

Directed and Written by:

Andy Harbeck

Produced by:

Tatiana Harbeck

A Bunny & Lilo Production

You’ve read about it, seen the trailer, and pics! Now it’s time to enjoy “El Aura Azul”…

More about the making of the film…

“I was inspired to write this film when my wife told me a true story that had happened to one of her friends when she was a little kid in Colombia. When she was a child one of her friends had disappeared in an accident and they never found her. After the accident creepy things started happening to the girls family and friends. Since I knew we had a vacation coming up in Colombia to visit family, I finished writing the story and we decided to go for it!”


-Pasadena International Film Festival
-Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
-Festival De Cine De Bogota
-Terrorific Film Festival
-Spooky Movie Film Festival
-Scare-A-Con – Best Super Short Nomination
-Unreal Film Festival
-Horrible Imaginings
-Macabre Faire Film Festival

Over 20 VFX shots including set recreation in CG by building 3D sets.

Visit http://www.elauraazul.com to…

-Learn more about the cast and crew

-See more stills from the film

-Find out more about where the film was shot

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