Dread Holidays are a time for trolls, goat-demons, and monstrous cats seeking to devour those still dressed in last season’s fashion. Falalalala lala la la…

Christmas cards are usually adorned with baubles, gifts, and the visage of dear smiling St. Nick. And yet, Yuletide is not without its horrors.

For among the carols and candy canes, the hot chocolate and holly, lie old traditions to ward off the darkness that haunts this most wonderful time of the year. The Dread Holiday Christmas Cards pay tribute to four ghastly Yuletide creatures, featuring beautiful illustrations and brief histories of the myths. There is also good advice in there about how to avoid becoming a victim of these monstrosities.

These Yuletide Horrors are legendary monsters of the Christmas season, such as Krampus, of course, and some lesser known brethren, like the “Yule Cat” of Icelandic lore who devours children who haven’t received new clothes by Christmas Day.

You will receive five of each Yuletide Horror card and twenty seals to embellish your envelopes. Send them to your loved ones and fill their holiday with Dread.

Give yourself, or your fellow horror fan the perfect Yuletide Horror Card by getting your cards today at:


The Mysterious Package Company provides experiences which are stories told through the mail. Each experience is unique and wrapped in a hand-crafted – albeit uncooperative – crate. Custom made letters and telegrams from long-lost relatives, and seemingly innocuous newspaper clippings add a richness to the curious goods contained within. Invite intrigue into your home or delight your friends with an immersive adventure. The choice is yours.

The King in Yellow


“I love The Mysterious Package Company and am proud to have sent their packages to easily disturbed friends.” -NEIL GAIMAN

“It chilled me to my core. Absolutely stellar in every way.”  -NEIL PATRICK HARRIS

“I stumbled on the MPC thanks to a Facebook ad, but I’ve been in love with it ever since. I sent Tempus Fugit to my little brother for Christmas, I sent my wife The Weeping Book and she and I have spent so many happy evenings destroying the C&C paper trying to wrest every last clue from it. I think the ability to add mystery to people’s lives, especially in an age where wonder seems so easily dispelled by technology, is a wonderful gift.” -JUSTIN MCELROY The Adventure Zone (Taako), My Brother My Brother and Me (oldest)

“I can’t say it loudly enough: The Mysterious Package Company makes THE BEST presents, X-mas or otherwise, imaginable.” -CHRIS BURNHAM Bestselling artist of Batman Incorporated

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