Hardbody is about a self-conscious scientist who creates a Frankenstein body for himself out of the body parts of body builders.

Imagine the movie Re-Animator meets the Incredible Hulk comic by way of gym culture.

Written by: Fred Schwartz Jr.

Pencils by: Savy Lim

Inks by: Victor Moya

Colors by: Martin Mariano Hernandez Tena

Hardbody, a fresh new comic book, was a lot of fun to read. Truthfully, I get sent a lot of comics to read and review and this one had some of the strongest writing I’ve ever experienced. With Fred Schwartz having sole writing credits, I’m curious how much of this premise was his own, versus the contribution of his cohorts. But I would love to see him stretch his writing chops into other genres as well. Fred, you officially have a new fan.”

“Funny, clever, and fast paced, Harbody has a lot going for it.”

“Are you looking for a fun read ? Well if so pick this up it has comedy, action,and horror. You feel invested and interested to see what and where DR. Vijay Mittal is gonna take you to. Can’t wait to see what happens to him next!”

“The only thing about the comic that made me cringe was the graphic/violent depictions used to tell Vijay’s story. There’s no denying the artwork was done exceptionally well, just a little warning to those who are squeamish to beware. But I can say this, I am certainly looking forward to reading the next chapter in Vijay’s story.”

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