A brand new horror movie in the vein of “Annabelle”, “Child’s Play” and “Magic”

Underground movie distributor/producer SRS Cinema LLC is excited to bring you cult filmmaker Mark Polonia’s latest effort, a haunted doll thriller called “Deadly Playthings”. It is Mark’s loving homage to the creepiness that is horror movies based around dolls such as “Annabelle” and “Magic”. The movie is currently in post-production with an Indiegogo campaign currently live to help recoup the production expenses as well as the upcoming wide release costs.

SYNOPSIS: “A child’s mysterious doll, once home to restless and disembodied spirits, is handed down to the occupants of a new home. The doll, found hidden in the dark recesses of the basement, is adopted by a lonely, near mute, wheel-chair bound girl. Soon the loving family is thrown into a living hell. But the violent deaths and supernatural occurrences bring the doll back into contact with the one person who may be able to help – its original owner. She knows what evil has taken roots within it, and ultimately what the spirit wants. It all leads to an explosive final showdown between psychic and demon, with the young girl’s soul hanging in the balance.”

The campaign has been running about three weeks now and is currently 370% financed! We’ve hit our first stretch goal, which added a mini-poster and die-cut sticker to all physical media orders. We’re working towards our second stretch goal, $6k, which if reached means everyone gets a FREE rare Polonia Brothers movie!

Director Mark Polonia is a cult favorite filmmaker, especially revered for his contribution to the “shot on video” era of filmmaker. He is know for such movies as “Splatter Farm”, “Feeders”, “Amityville Death House”, “Sharkenstein” and so much more. There is about 2 weeks left to grab a copy of the limited editions media and merchandise, so if you would like to support please swing by Thank you!

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