Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

The Conjuring 3 scheduled to begin filming this June (ComingSoon.net)

What We Do in the Shadows Teasers: Meet Colin the Energy Vampire (ComingSoon.net)

THE LOST BOYS TV Series Casting News: Meet Your New Sam and Grandpa (Dread Central)

What’s a Wendigo? Mysterious Villain from Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY Explored (Dread Central)

Trailer for ACTS OF DESPERATION is Exceptionally Tense (Dread Central)

WRATH: AEON OF RUIN Channels Classic Fantasy/Horror FPS Glory! (Dread Central)

Short Documentary Explores Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED & Upcoming TV Series (Dread Central)

Two Atmospheric New Images Take You Inside the Haunting ‘Pet Sematary’ (Bloody Disgusting)

Netflix Just Launched Season One of Occult Series “The Order”, Starring ‘Freddy vs. Jason’s Katharine Isabelle! (Bloody Disgusting)

NSFW ‘Porno’ Poster, Clip Enter a Haunted Movie Theater [SXSW] (Bloody Disgusting)

Adrienne Barbeau, Star of Wes Craven’s ‘Swamp Thing,’ Joins Cast of DC Universe’s “Swamp Thing”! (Bloody Disgusting)

Image Gallery for the Official Sequel ‘I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu’ (Bloody Disgusting)

Hideo Kojima Announces Slight Development Delays for Death Stranding (Scream)

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