Watch The Signs! A Non-Fiction Study of Pub Signs Relating to the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Genres

Author – Arthur Chappell. Publisher – Shoreline Of Infinity.

Publication date 19-22 April 2019 – Launching at the 2019 Eastercon science fiction convention in London.

Price (Print edition) £10.00 Price (Online edition) £3.95. ISBN number: 978-1-9993331-0-2

The ghostly Honest Lawyer sign, from King’s Lynn, (Inn Sign Society archives)

A book aimed at science fiction fans, pub aficionados, history readers and a general readership. Exploring the origins of pub names relating to dragons, devils, gods and unicorns, before looking at pub signs inspired by science fact and fiction. Where did H G Wells drink? Why is George Orwell very important in 20th century pub history? Which pub has a King Kong connection? Which two pubs have a link to Narnia? Which one has a Discworld connection?

From dinosaurs to spaceships, taking in ghosts, gods, witches and even the end of the World, this illustrated study effortlessly explores the limits of reality and imagination.

Entries include real pub signs relating to witches, ghosts and werewolves, among much more.

The author is a poet, dramatist, speaker, historian, and humourist, based in Preston, Lancashire.

Arthur Chappell



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