Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Prepare to Get Undead with the iZombie Season 5 Trailer (ComingSoon.net)

Ascend to LEVEL 16 on Blu-ray/DVD Later This Month (Dread Central)

40th Anniversary ALIEN Short ALIEN: ORE Available to Watch Now! (Dread Central)

Rest in Peace: Lorraine Warren, The Inspiration For THE CONJURING Universe, Has Passed Away (Dread Central)

Fred Durst’s Autobiographical Horror Movie Acquired by Amazon? (Dread Central)

Will We Ever See It? Disney Delays THE NEW MUTANTS with No Target Release Date (Dread Central)

Adam Robitel Details One Room That Didn’t Make It into ‘Escape Room’! [Exclusive] (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Cereal Coming to FYE, With “Marshmallow Barf Bits”! (Bloody Disgusting)

Chloë Grace Moretz Says Max Landis Has Been Scrubbed from Action-Horror Film ‘Shadow in the Cloud’ (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Child’s Play’ Director Promises: “80% of Chucky in the Movie is Done with Animatronics” (Bloody Disgusting)

New Bloody Art for ‘The Shed’ (Bloody Disgusting)


Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter Comic Series Turns Legendary Writer Into Hero (Scream)

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