Meet A Most Unlikely Crime Fighter…

A night that starts out as the best night of David’s life goes terribly awry when he and his new fiancé Julie unwittingly wander into dangerous gang territory. When David attempts to help a dying man—and ends up shot in the head—paramedics rush him to the hospital, fearing that they might be too late.

But when a brilliant neurologist uses a daring new treatment on David, saving his life and erasing his wounds—it erases his memory, too, and leaves him with amnesia.

The gang isn’t about to forget David, however, and will stop at nothing to kill this witness to their crimes. When they attempt to ambush David, he barely escapes and flees into an alley. Just when it seems like he’s about to be shot for the second time, a strange, vagrant-like creature, covered in trash comes to his rescue…

Garbageman. Who is he? And why does he want to help David?

A fast-paced and thrilling novel about a crime fighter made of the things most people throw away, Garbageman will entertain and delight fans of science fiction, horror stories, and medical thrillers.

“This is an exciting and suspenseful fantasy thriller that depicts the depravity and perversion of some human beings as well as the resilience and tenacity of others. The author keeps the story intriguing by revealing the identity of the Garbage Man at the final chapters which gives the story an unexpected twist. It is an easy read with graphically described scenes and dialogues infused with humor.”

“I love this book, there’s always something right around the corner, so you have to keep reading cause you just have to know. Thank you Erik for making me love reading again. Keep the books coming.”

“I really liked this book kept me on the edge of my seat. Very interesting characters. I’m reading his second book and I’m loving it.”

“Great story line/plot. I couldn’t put it down… I can’t wait for the sequel.”

“Love the book…Eric Dean is an excellent writer…He should continue writing…”

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And for those waiting for the sequel…

Psychic David Turley is thrust into a new adventure in this thrilling sequel to Garbageman.

David and his wife, Julie, are recovering from the events of the previous book. Both are doing well in their professional lives, but David’s remarkable telekinetic abilities have disappeared, and he’s eager to find the reason why. Julie, meanwhile, has immersed herself in Southwest Native American art and culture. She is a collector of kachina figures—handmade dolls symbolizing strange and powerful spirits. Her knowledge of mythology will come in handy when the supernatural world comes to call on the couple and David finds himself in possession of a strange Hopi artifact. Little does he know this will be the start of a new adventure into the complex underworld of vampire nightclubs, werewolf cults, and psychic superheroes.

Dogging them both is a serial killer, the Fisherman, and other paranormal demons and enemies. To defeat these dark forces, the couple will have to put their trust in a mysterious new ally.

Like its predecessor, Cryptic is written in author Erik Dean’s signature synthetic style. Science fiction, horror, mystery, the occult, and even the metaphysical exist side by side in Dean’s rich world of the supernatural Southwest.

“I have always been into thrillers and this book definitely quenches the thirst. I’m hooked! This book actually reignite my passion for reading and now I want to read more. The author has done detailed research on the characters as well as the settings. I find this book very interesting and I actually got scared, which was what I hoped for. Don’t pass this up, give it a try and you’ll love it!”

“Cryptic by Erik Dean is an intoxicating tale, for sure. There is not a dull page in this book. It is the sequel to Garbageman, and it stands pretty well on its own.”

“Loved this book! Once I started reading it, I could only put it down by force. Can’t wait to read his next book.”

“Very nice read. Fast paced and I love the story line and characters. There’s something for everyone in this story line.”

“Great read with a lot of twists and turns. Love this authors other work. Check him out, you wont be disappointed!”

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About author Erik Dean

Award-winning author Erik Dean works include, Garbage Man, Cryptic, Cruel and Unusual, Crueler and More Unusual. The Arizona native, is a radiology technologist, who has over 25 years of experience in radiology. At times, Erik uses his medical knowledge, when writing his novels. In his spare time, Erik enjoys reading horror and action-adventure novels. Additionally, he watches many different kinds of cinema, the classics, horror, action adventure and sci-fi. His favorite animal is a border collie. Erik strives to put into his novels, memorable characters and situations, that never have been done before. He wants to keep his reader guessing and not make his stories predictable. In 2017, his novel “Cryptic” won first place “11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards” and “The New Apple Awards” in the horror category. In 2018, his novel Garbageman won the finalist IAN award for action-adventure and Cryptic won the finalist IAN award for horror. Erik Dean is currently penning his 5th book (the third book in the Garbageman series) called “Wraith.”

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