MONSTER M.D. is a 100+ page full color return to wildly fun adventure comics with heart, soul and hell, even a spleen. Don’t ask why or how about the spleen. I got a guy.

Surgical prodigy and Underground monster doctor, Dr. Wyatt Black, wants out of the dangerous job of monster mending, but when his invisible assistant Heidi is kidnapped by his nightmare, the monster killing madman that took his arm and ruined his medical career, he must depend on his paranormal patients more than ever before.

Award winning writer Von Klaus (Graveyard Shift Vol. 2) asks, “What would it be like to care for the things that go bump in the night?” This cult hit with the phenomenal art of Marco Maccagni (Zombie Tramp), haunting colors by Tanya Wicker (The Signal), and incredible letters by Eric Weathers (Earthworm Jim), tells a genre bending tale of hilarity, horror, and finding love in even the most monstrous of circumstances.

Check out just a few out the fantastic pages of the comic below…

Here’s a different view in black and white…

Now that you’ve seen the read about the story and seen some pages, please consider supporting their campaign at:

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for you pledge to this campaign like…

-Signed MONSTER M.D. 100+ page comic

-The official MONSTER M.D. t-shirt

-Your face on a MONSTER in the book!

-Your name on a GRAVE STONE in the book!

Visit MONSTER M.D. on Indiegogo to

-Read more about the story, and people behind it

-See more pages of the comic

-Get complete details on all of the available perks

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