Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Jordan Peele’s Candyman Sequel Will Start Filming in August (ComingSoon.net)

Paramount’s Monster Problems Release Date Set For 2020  (ComingSoon.net)

DOOM: ANNIHILATION Now Available For Pre-Order (Dread Central)

A QUIET PLACE 2 Starts Filming with John Krasinski Directing (Dread Central)

Zoinks! Trailer Released For SCOOBY-DOO! RETURN TO ZOMBIE ISLAND! (Dread Central)

Exclusive TRESPASSERS Clip Alerts The Authorities (Dread Central)

Fred Dekker Discusses the Original 3rd Act of THE PREDATOR & Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo (Dread Central)

Exclusive Clip: Watch Sharks Brutally Devour Their Prey on Nat Geo’s “Great Shark Chow Down” Tonight (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Creep’ Director’s Horror-Comedy ‘Corporate Animals’ Moves into New September Release Date (Bloody Disgusting)

The Creep Returns on the Official Poster for Shudder’s New “Creepshow” Series! (Bloody Disgusting)

Tim Miller Explains How ‘Dark Fate’ Deals With the Consequences of ‘Terminator 2’s Ending (Bloody Disgusting)

Mobile Asymmetrical Horror Game ‘Identity V’ to Receive Crossover With ‘Persona 5’ (Bloody Disgusting)


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