ALTER Exclusive Riley Was Here – Now Available to Watch!

ALTER has now released their latest exclusive film on their ALTER channels — the film is titled RILEY WAS HERE

A zombie outbreak has come and gone with humanity barely surviving thanks to a miracle vaccine. Eight years have past since the event and Junior still struggles to move on from his horrific losses. Drugs don’t work, alcohol doesn’t work, nothing eases his pain. At the end of his rope, Junior turns to the mysterious Raquelle for controversial treatment in hopes of peace but Raquelle is struggling with loss herself and her intentions aren’t as clear as Junior had hoped.

Starring: Elena Devers and Julio Trinidad

Directed by: Jon Rhoads and Mike Marrero

Director’s Statement:
We love zombie films but they never seem to touch on what happens after the dust has settled from a global trauma. How do those who survived move on? Could they ever? We wanted to explore the psychological damage one would have to endure, the survivor’s guilt one would feel and the forgiveness one would have to find. Riley Was Here is about tragedy and how we deal with it.

The film was nominated for Best International Short Film at the 2018 Fantasia Film Festival

You can find out more about the film on Facebook, and more about the filmmakers at:

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