Watch The (Pickle’s) HORROR SHOW Season 1 Marathon Friday Night ONLY on AMERICAN HORRORS

This Friday night, August 23rd, watch the (Pickle’s) HORROR SHOW season 1 marathon in it’s entirety for free exclusively on AMERICAN HORRORS 24/7 linear streaming horror channel on Roku or online at &

The season 1 Horror Show marathon begins 7pmish central (5pmish pacific) with a re-stream of shocking new music video, “The Silence”, by ex-Chamber of Echoes member, Jeffrey Myers, new band, The Coma Sex. The music video is directed by American Horrors long term creator, Chris J. Miller. This video is unavailable anywhere on the web except American Horrors.

Horror Show became a part of the American Horrors growing roster of original content in March 2019 and has been showing consistent & increasing viewership with each new episode airing every Friday night since the series launch.

Infamous American Horrors channel owner HART D. FISHER signed the series to a 3-year deal, giving the creators complete creative freedom and even allowing the show to air episodes that range from 10 minutes to an hour. Hart discovered the series in erly 2019 and saw Horror Show as a perfect fit for his movie channel that plays everything from old and new Grindhouse horror, exploitation films, classics, and obscure gems, to original short-form content, and uncut music videos. The two most popular series on the channel are GORECAST and MISSION TERROR, both of which air Sunday nights. Hart Fisher specifically chose HORROR SHOW for the Friday night time slot to build another popular night of original programming around.

(PICKLE’S) HORROR SHOW – Created by Michael Pickle & James Rivera, HORROR SHOW is a weekly horror variety show that features short horror films, comedy sketches, industry news, review segments, paranormal investigations, interviews, event coverage, and more, and throws all these elements in a giant blender of genre fun. It’s as if Saturday Night Live, Tales from the Crypt, and a morally corrupt news station all had a beautifully hideous love child.

Horror Show is regularly hosted by the diabolical ELIOT, who can best be described as a psychotic Rod Serling who has a charming tendency to threaten his viewers, as seen in his recurring segment “Watch This Movie or I’ll Gut You.” Other segments include “Horror 4 Teens” where spirited high schoolers Syd and Darian give their thoughts on movies they shouldn’t be watching. The short films range from scary to comedic. From dramatic and clever to funny and ridiculous, and you never know what you’re going to get.

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AMERICAN HORRORS – Originally founded in 2008 by horror legend, Hart D. Fisher (and his late wife Wakako Kowagoshi-Fisher), American Horrors began it’s 24/7 linear streaming channel as part of Billionaire Alki David’s Filmon line up in October 2008, and is now available free worldwide as a Roku channel and online bundled with your local news at or at American Horrors, hosted & personally programmed by Mr. Fisher, is a old school tv style horror channel featuring horror films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and modern horror online with original short horror films, uncut music videos from notorious acts like Slayer, Danzig, Obituary, The Coma Sex, plus grindhouse movie trailers and original hit in house programming like the Gorecast, Horror Show, True Crimes, The American Horrors Intermission and the original American Horrors tv show.

GARGOYLE MEDIA – Gargoyle Media is composed of several filmmakers who banded together during their shared time at film school. Each member of the team specializes in different areas of filmmaking, save for one very special jack of all trades. Producer Clarence Williams, cinematography Matthew Rodriguez, writer Steve Deering, makeup artist Lauren Buxton make up the team, along with their evil overlord Joaquin “Jack” Silva, the Jack of all Trades. Gargoyle Media specializes in short films and music videos with an eye towards genre-heavy fare. They are currently planning their first feature length project. Gargoyle Media serves to support the Horror Show creators’ vision while expanding the show with new and exciting content.

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