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Pastel Wasteland Film Festival is being held at the iconic No.6 Cinema in Portsmouth, nestled within the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Located in the Grade II listed Boathouse 6, which was built in 1846, the 275-seat auditorium boasts one of the biggest screens on the South Coast.

At Pastel Wasteland, we are all about supporting genre filmmakers, and are incredibly passionate (maybe even a little obsessed) with horror, sci-fi, and anything that makes our skin crawl. One of our key aims is to get work seen by the public, so unlike many festivals with an audience of almost exclusively filmmakers, we give submitters the opportunity to experience the thrill of everyday film fans seeing their projects too.

Awards and Prizes

We know how deflating it can be to turn up to a Film Festival, and be given a cheap trophy looking like a last-minute run to the pound shop. For all of our awards, we are creating a stunning, custom design trophy, depicting a bright pink Pastel Wasteland gas mask, that will be the pride of your ever-growing awards cabinet.

Each winning film will be given a write-up posted to our official blog at www.pastelwasteland.com and shared with our network to ensure you keep getting new fans long after the festival has ended.




The best Director category is being judged by none other than Chris Jones, Director of the Oscar shortlisted ‘Gone Fishing.’ Chris also runs the London Screenwriters Festival and is the author of the highly influential ‘Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook’ and ‘Guerilla Filmmakers Blueprint.’


The best screenplay category is being judged by Bob Schultz, Screenwriter, Producer and co-founder of The Great American Pitchfest. Bob is also a screenwriting consultant and owner of Slugline Scripts.


We don’t split our award into Actor/Actress, so this award will go to the best performer in a submitted film, regardless of gender.


Every now and then you draw a Wild Card that sticks with you for reasons you can’t quite describe. This award will go to that film.

6) BEST LOCAL FILM (Hampshire Based).

Submit Your Film at:


Dates and Deadlines

-Earlybird Deadline: September 7, 2019

-Final Deadline: October 1, 2019

-Notification Date: November 1, 2019

-Event Date: November 16, 2019

For more information, please visit:


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