The Spirit of Christmas Should Have Stayed Dead…

Max Causey was only six years old when he accidentally burned Santa to a crisp on Christmas Eve. 12 years later, Max attempts to raise Santa from the dead in order to fix his past mistakes and restore the Christmas spirit. But he soon realizes that the creature he has created is a bloodthirsty killer – and it’s headed straight for his friend’s Christmas party!

We hope you enjoyed that! Actually we hope you enjoyed that so much that you will help turn this short horror film into a feature length film.

Here are filmmakers Manuel Camilion and Benjamin Edelman to introduce their film, and what they have in store for it…

If you like a little Christmas mayhem then please consider clicking the pic and supporting this film…

There are plenty of awesome rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-E-Holiday card from the cast and crew

-An originally crafted Santastein Tree Ornament and you’ll receive a Special Thanks in our film’s credits

-A uniquely designed old school VHS sleeve featuring a VHS copy of the “Santastein” feature film

-Receive a Co- Producer Credit on the movie!

Visit “Santastein” on Kickstarter to…

-Learn more about the film’s history

-Read more about the crew

-Find out more about all of the available rewards

And don’t forget to follow the film on Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” its Facebook page!

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