Nicholas Vince to Explore his ‘Monstrous World’ in New One-Man Show at Pleasance Theatre, London

Genre legend Nicholas Vince, famed for his roles as ‘Chatterer’ in Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER and ‘Kinski’ in NIGHTBREED, is to open the London Horror Festival with his one-man show, I AM MONSTERS! He will be performing for three nights only – from 8th October to 10th October, 7pm. Tickets are now on sale.

I AM MONSTERS! charts Vince’s life from a monster-obsessed child, born undershot, through to an out of the closet actor, propelled to fame by Clive Barker’s ground-breaking films. He speaks openly about being a bullied outsider, the life-threatening operation to reconstruct his face, his battle with being gay in Thatcher’s Britain and reveals what it takes to be a monster. He will also be reading extracts from his favourite horror classics.

Vince said today: “This show is about my fascination with the monsters I first read as an 8 year-old in The Golden Treasury of Myths and Legends, and later, the classic horror novels and films, and how they helped me deal with being bullied at school, through my facial reconstructive surgery and a near death experience to the fun we had making the films.

I’ve told the stories about the challenges of makeup on Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Hellbound and Nightbreed over the years, but I hadn’t put them in the context of the times we filmed in and been able to celebrate the profound effect they’ve had on me and so many people.”

Clive Barker added: “Nicholas Vince has played monsters both bizarre and blood-thirsty, and has brought both his life-long passion for horror and his immense skills as an actor to every role. Now, in this extraordinary confessional, we meet the man behind the terrifying masks, as he traces his journey from a troubled youth to a man who now embodies creatures known world-wide, Nick charms and chills us, mingling the witty and the nightmarish, So go see the man who laughs behind the mask. He has such tales to tell.”

Performances: 8th to 10th October at 7:00pm | Running time: 1 hour

Venue: Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF

Box Office: 020 7609 1800 |

Tickets: Full Price: £12.00 | Concessions: £10.00

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