Cory Kays Wins Best Hero at GenreBlast Film Festival for Straight Edge Kegger

Cory Kays Takes Home Best Hero At The 2019 Genre Blast Film Festival

Cory Kays’ representatives announced that he has won Best Hero at the GenreBlast Film Festival (2019) in Winchester, Virginia. GenreBlast Film Festival is “a one-of-a-kind film experience created for both filmmakers and film lovers to celebrate genre filmmaking in an approachable environment. We will screen the latest in independent, cult, niche and underground films that aren’t easily accessible. Other events include filmmaker Q&A’s, special guests, giveaways, after parties, and an awards ceremony.” This was the fourth year for GenreBlast Film Festival celebrating independent genre film goodness in the mountains of Virginia. Straight Edge Kegger was also nominated and won for Best Poster. The film was nominated for seven awards overall. At GenreBlast Cory was also asked to participate in the first-ever live table reading of the best nominated screenplays. GenreBlast Awards Ceremony was held at The Alamo Drafthouse on the evening of Sunday, September 1st, 2019.

The website has this to say about Cory’s performance “Kays crafts the vulnerable, emotional backbone of the movie.” And elaborates with “Kays also feels like the most relatable character within the film. His character journey is learning identity but also to be fearless. To let go of what people think about you. With Kays’ delivery, and Zink’s script, it becomes one of the defining factors of the film – it is utterly beautiful and poetic in every sense.”

Previously, Cory won Best Actor in the 10th Annual Indie Horror Film Festival (2019) in July. The Indie Horror Film Festival returned from the dead in 2010 with hopes of swallowing mortals whole and filling their souls with a thirst for blood and horror. The Indie Horror Film Festival screens films from all over the world and brings the best of blood, gore and horror to the big screen for you to enjoy!

“Cory has a stellar record receiving ‘Best Lead Actor’ nominations on the first two of his feature films to be screened publicly. The first coming from his performance in ‘Prodigy‘ which was released this past December. And this is his THIRD nomination for his performance in Straight Edge Kegger,” says Jason Zink, writer/director of Straight Edge Kegger. “It’s been a pleasure getting to both know and work with Cory, and he’s continued to be a champion for our flick as we make our way through the festival circuit. We’re truly lucky to have him and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Keep killin’ it, Cory!”

Winners were awarded on Saturday, July 13, 2019, and honored at a ceremony Red Roof Inn, Dekalb, IL. The Selection/Awards Procedure are as follows: Festival Director/Producers make official selections for the festival by vote. Official Selections are then screened/graded by 5 different judges anonymously and given an overall grade on a 10 point scale for each of the qualifying award categories. All judges points are then added together to give it a grade. The top films by grade in each category are then considered an award nominee and listed on this page. The film with the highest grade in each category is considered and announced that category’s award winner at the festival. In the event of a tie for highest grade, the festival director, festival producer and festival founder will each vote on the tied films giving the majority vote the award. In the event that one of the production staff are involved in one of the films involving a tie, a 3rd party will be selected to vote in place of the production staff member involved.

About Cory Kays:
Cory Kays is an award-winning actor from Nixa, Missouri who fully devotes himself to bringing characters to life on screen. He credits events in his life and personal experiences for ultimately leading him to a career in the film industry. Cory strives to positively impact the life of at least one viewer through each of his performances.

Early on, Cory landed the lead role of Jack in ‘Looking For Andrew’. This began a domino effect which led to leading roles as Brad in ‘Straight Edge Kegger’, John Steel in ‘Drafted 2035’, Duncan Cook in ‘Lily Is Here’, Ned Pearson in ‘Timbertown’, and Erik Black in ‘Prodigy’ – a performance in which he was nominated ‘Best Lead Actor’. He was nominated ‘Best Lead Actor’ twice again for his performance in ‘Straight Edge Kegger’. Many of these titles are set to release throughout 2019 and 2020. His past works include NBC’s ‘Disappeared’, REELZ ‘National Enquirer Investigates’, ‘The Substitute’, ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, ‘Victim’, ‘The Price of Fame’, and more.

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Instagram: @officialcorykays 


 Twitter: @Cory_Kays


About Straight Edge Kegger:
Logline: A young punk and a houseful of drunks square off against the gang of militant straight edgers that he’s abandoned.

After he thinks his straight edge friends have gone too far, young punk Brad (Cory Kays) decides to leave them behind when he meets happy-go-lucky partier Sean (Sean Jones). He attends his first house party where he meets the beautiful Maybe (Evey Reidy) when all hell breaks loose. A group of masked intruders attacks the houseful of drunks and stoners making sure no one gets out alive. It’s up to Brad, Sean and Maybe to see the party in this blood-soaked thrill ride from writer/director Jason Zink.

Find Straight Edge Kegger Online:
Youtube: [Trailer]
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Straight Edge Kegger Online Review:

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