One Woman Alien at London Horror Festival

One Woman Alien with Katy Schutte
London Horror Festival

In theatre no one can hear you scream. One hour, one woman, one cult movie.

Cast Iron Theatre celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie classic with the return of their Edinburgh Festival Fringe sell-out show; One Woman Alien at this year’s London Horror Festival at Pleasance.

This time, the award-winning actor, improviser and Funny Women finalist, Katy Schutte takes the helm of the Nostromo, treating us to a 60 minute parody of the entire Alien movie, playing the whole crew (except for the cat).

This is a frenetic, delightfully low-budget and high energy show which not only recounts all the best bits of the movie but also asks just how far female representation in cinema has come along in the last 40 years.

One Woman Alien is a love letter to a cult movie and is enjoyed by sci-fi fans and theatre goers alike.
Expect ridiculous death scenes, puppet aliens and toy cats.

Katy is one of the UK’s top improvised comedy performers and teachers. She has been one of improv troupe, The Maydays, since 2004 and is currently Co-Artistic Director, regularly performing in their international hit show Happily Never After.

No stranger to science fiction Katy says: “I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise and the first movie is absolutely my favourite. It’s not the first time I’ll be playing Sigourney playing someone else, as I performed in over 50 shows as Dana Barrett in Who Ya Gonna Call? my live Ghostbusters musical. I improvise science fiction all over the world and I’m thrilled to be aboard the Nostromo for her latest adventure.”

Award-nominated Cast Iron Theatre was created in 2013 in Brighton and has a great reputation for staging exciting new work. One Woman Alien’s writer-director, Andrew Allen, says: “One Woman Alien is just such a lot of fun. It mixes horror and comedy with a bit of a film theory talk. The whole thing is a frantic, delightful hour that has the capacity to run away with itself but, of course, never does. The way that Katy tackles so many iconic characters is just a treat to watch and we’re sure that audiences are going to be laughing from beginning to end.”


One Woman Alien will be at The Pleasance as part of London Horror Festival on 24th October at 9:45pm (60 minutes) with tickets priced at £10.

Company: Cast Iron Theatre

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Company Contact – Cast Iron Theatre’s Producer: Michelle Donkin

Writer & Director – Cast Iron Theatre’s Artistic Director: Andrew Allen

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