Frontières Announces Partner, Location and Call for Submissions for 2020 Financing & Packaging Forum


In partnership with the Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute and Netherlands Film Fund, and co-organized by the Carl International Film Festival and Nordic Factory

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Frontières announces partner, details and launches call for projects for the fourth edition of its Finance & Packaging Forum to take place in the coastal city of Karlskrona, Sweden from February 27th to the 29th, in collaborating with the Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute, and the Netherlands Film Fund. The Carl International Film Festival and Nordic Factory will co-organize.

“The Nordic genre community only continues to flourish, and we are thrilled to bring the Forum to Sweden after such a successful edition in Helsinki this past February,” says Lindsay Peters, Frontières Executive Director. “Sweden’s commitment to gender parity and excellent collaborative opportunities for the Canadian film industry will make this an exciting start to 2020 for Frontières.”

“It’s an honor for Carl International Film Festival to host this amazing event in the symbolic year of 2020” added Henrik JP Åkesson, Head of Festival & Industry at the Carl International Film Festival. “Sweden took the lead of 50/50 by 2020 and the world followed. We hope to add some new value to an already successful event and welcome the global film industry to join us in beautiful Karlskrona!”

The forum is one of three annual internationally recognized programs organized by Frontières alongside the Frontières Platform in Cannes at the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes and the Frontières International Co-Production Market in Montreal at the Fantasia International Film Festival, where the initiative was first born in 2012.

Numerous projects have been championed and afforded integral support through Frontières, including Cannes – Semaine de la critique selections RAW (d. Julia Ducournau) and VIVARIUM (d. Lorcan Finnegan) amongst them, as well as the multi-award-winning EXTRA ORDINARY, critically acclaimed TIFF selections SEA FEVER and BLACK CONFLUX, and the upcoming features SLASH/BACK and BIRDS OF A FEATHER (HATCHING), all of which have acquired financing, sales representation or co-production directly in conjunction with their involvement.

The Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum selects 12 genre projects seeking to complete their financing and advance to the production stage and invites 25 industry leaders to attend the three-day closed event. Focus is set primarily on emerging filmmakers from the independent sector, predominantly from North America & Europe and with an emphasis on Nordic territories for the current design. Select projects are invited to participate in the Frontières Platform in Cannes at the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes for May 2020.

The forum is the only industry summit of its kind and includes strategy sessions, feedback discussions and a dedicated seminar.

With three events catering to specific phases in project development and financing, Frontières provides an exceptional and proven sense of community intended to foster significant relationships between filmmakers and financiers across the globe.

Industry experts in attendance are chosen from a selection of international and respected companies with a proven track record in dynamic genre content and strong financial results, the majority of which come from North America, the European Union and the UK. Notable participating companies have included Netflix, StudioCanal, ICM Partners, Entertainment One, Universal Pictures International, Wild Bunch, Creativity Capital, AMC Networks, and XYZ Films.

International projects with 20-50% of their financing in place are invited to apply to take part. The submission deadline is December 7th.

To apply and consult further information on project criteria, and for more information on Frontières, visit the website –

Frontières is internationally established as the leading industry initiative for genre film professionals. It is organised by the Fantasia International Film Festival, with the participation of the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes.

At Frontières, we connect emerging & established genre filmmakers with leading industry professionals and promote international co-production and collaboration with Canada & Europe. Since 2017 Frontières has produced 3 annual events: the Frontières International Co-Production Market (July, at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, for projects in development & early financing); the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum (February, travelling event, for projects at the midway point in their financing); and the Frontières Platform at the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes (May, for projects in advanced financing & post-production).

Frontières provides diverse and highly effective opportunities for filmmakers & producers to connect with partners and secure financing, sales representation and distribution. Current Frontières projects on the festival circuit & in release include COLOR OUT OF SPACE, SEA FEVER, CHAINED FOR LIFE, BLACK CONFLUX, JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY, THE LONG WALK, RIOT GIRLS and BLACK CIRCLE. Projects currently in post-production include SLASH/BACK (d. Nyla Innuksuk), CENSOR (d. Prano Bailey-Bond), THE PAPER TIGERS (d. Tran Quoc Bao), THE WINTER LAKE (d. Phil Sheerin), HATCHING (d. Hanna Bergholm) and LAMB (d. Valdimar Jóhannsson).

Major Frontières success stories include RAW, VIVARIUM, EXTRA ORDINARY and TURBO KID. Frontières was founded in 2012 as the industry arm of the Fantasia International Film Festival by Stephanie Trepanier. In 2014 Lindsay Peters took the helm and with Julie Bergeron of the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, expanded Frontières into its current format. Frontières operates out of Montreal with major collaborative assistance from the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, Nordic Factory, and rotating Forum partners.

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