A Viral Pandemic Ravages the Planet in the First Trailer of ILL – FINAL CONTAGIUM

A viral pandemic ravages the planet in the first trailer of ILL – FINAL CONTAGIUM, headed to AFM this week

The production of ILL – FINAL CONTAGIUM has just released the first trailer for its new horror anthology about the effects of an experimental virus. The trailer doesn’t spare any blood and gore, and splatter fans will be pleased to know that’s just a small taste of what’s in the movie.

Divided into four episodes, directed by Lucio A. Rojas (THRAUMA), Domiziano Cristopharo (RED KROKODIL), Kai Bogatski (SCARS OF XAVIER) and Lorenzo Zanoni (A TASTE OF PHOBIA), the movie revolves around a new viral weapon created in Chile by a crazed scientist and spread by contaminated money. The different episodes follow the effects of this viral infection through Italy, Germany and Kosovo. Ximena del Solar (THRAUMA), Chiara Pavoni (XPIATION), Tommaso Arnaldi (HYBRIS), Felipe Rios (THRAUMA) and Max Evans (BLOOD FEAST) star in the movie, produced by Sandra Arriagada with Rojas, Bogatski, Zanoni and Cristopharo. ILL – FINAL CONTAGIUM will be introduced to the international market later this week at the American Film Market of Santa Monica by sales agency EuroObscura.

EuroObscura will also bring to Santa Monica STOMACH, the new horror film helmed by Italian director Alex Visani. Produced by Empire Video and Italian label Home Movies, STOMACH is a graphic and visceral body horror in the vein of David Cronenberg movies from the Eighties. The official, gut-churning trailer has just been released by the producer. International sales agency EuroObscura will be in Santa Monica to handle sales for both titles.

ILL – FINAL CONTAGIUM – Market Premiere
Germany/Italy/Chile 2019 – 93 minutes – Horror – English

An experimental virus created by a mad scientist in Chile is spread throughout the world by contaminated money. We follow the effects of the deadly infection through different countries: in Italy, a thief steals some contaminated notes from an immigrant, becoming deadly ill; in Kosovo, a transsexual endures extreme surgeries after being infected; in Germany a father is desperate to save his contaminated son.

STOMACH – Official Selection at Morbido Merida and Edinburgh Horror Film Festival – Market Premiere
Italy 2019 – 80 minutes – Horror

Alex is a lonely man who works in a factory in the suburbs and lives in a desolate area. He’s surrounded by rough and violent people that don’t miss an opportunity to torment and bullying him, every day. But inside Alex there is something wrong, something that pushes to get out. Something that is bloodthirsty.

Produced by Empire Video and Italian label Home Movies, STOMACH is a graphic and visceral body horror in the vein of David Cronenberg.

About EuroObscura:
EuroObscura is an independent international sales agency focused on delivering high quality European horror – science fiction – action – fantasy movies to the worldwide market. Our mission is to promote European Fantastic cinema everywhere in the world.

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