New Novel ‘the Light’ Out Now by Jim Alexander

the Light is the new novel out now from Jim Alexander (Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Batman 80-Page Giant, Star Trek Manga).

Cover by Alex Ronald

The book explores a world where you wake up and know this is the day you die. How would such a world shape the way we think, our views on each other and society, how we conduct our personal and financial affairs; how we live and how we will die?

This is Alexander’s second novel after the award-winning GoodCopBadCop. Check out the five and four-star reviews on Goodreads:

More on ‘the Light’:

On a daily basis, people are required to take the Light; a device that ascertains whether this will be their last day. The story alternates between showcasing and building up this new world and telling the story of an ordinary person having to cope in extraordinary circumstances. We will see through his eyes a world so achingly similar to our own, but different in one shattering, all-pervasive way.

When approaching death, whether it’s dying in your sleep or experiencing your whole life flashing in front of your eyes, in the end it is no longer a case of floating towards the light. The Light wants to find you first.

GoodCopBadCop is available now at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Etsy, and lots of other places.

the Light, coming in at 320 pages, is on sale now. Some links to follow:


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Amazon (Kindle):
Kobo (ebook):


Amazon (print):
Amazon (Kindle):

Kobo (ebook):

Barnes & Noble:

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