HER DESPAIR “Exorcisms” Exclusive EP Stream & Download Link

UK Gothic Rock Band HER DESPAIR Release Official Music Video for “The Exorcism”

Ghost Cult Magazine Presents Exclusive EP Stream

UK-based gothic rock band HER DESPAIR proudly announces the release of their new video, “The Exorcism.”

“The Exorcism” appears on HER DESPAIR’s forthcoming EP, Exorcisms Of Eroticism available on November 22.

For fans of: Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Fields of the Nephilim

Check out the EP stream exclusively on Ghost Cult Magazine HERE:

“The Exorcism” revolves around the intoxication of lust; that overwhelming desire for someone to the extent that it feels you could be possessed. The term “exorcism” here, is very much a euphemism. Musically we wanted to draw on influences such as Suspiria, focussing on dance synths rather than our more usual sounds. We wanted something that was suitably hard-hitting, but could also get the dance floor moving.

The accompanying video encapsulates the mood of the music perfectly, and we would recommend you watch it, if you dare.

HER DESPAIR began as a solo studio project with the release of the 2015 album Hymns For the Hopeless. Showcasing the melodramatic sound and aesthetic of gothic music with the accessibility of punk and the stylings of heavy metal, the project has subsequently evolved into the current full line-up.

Drawing influence from such classic acts as The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim, alongside more contemporary bands such as HIM, Rammstein and The 69 Eyes, HER DESPAIR create their own unique twist on the styles they are inspired by.

Mournography, the follow-up EP and debut release as a full band, was released in July 2018 in association with Spectre Records and Dewar PR. Recorded at Whitehouse Studios with producer Matt Bew, the EP helped the band develop and engage their audience significantly; both personally and through frequent use of social media.

During Summer 2019, work was completed on the latest opus; Exorcisms of Eroticism. Recorded again with Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios, HER DESPAIR have evolved and improved the formula demonstrated in their previous output, stating

Exorcisms of Eroticism is the dark and dramatic collection of six new gothic rock anthems from HER DESPAIR. Designed to unravel the mysteries of the theologic and the erotic, each song is set to a storm of symphonic instrumentation; providing the perfect soundtrack for your sorrows. The Mourning fades, now the Exorcisms begin…

HER DESPAIR continues to expand their fan base throughout live performances as both headliner and support in cities across the UK including London, Leeds, Leicester, Oxford, Bournemouth and Reading. 2019 has also seen HER DESPAIR perform at Darker Days Festival, with further concerts confirmed, including the Marquis Masquerade Goth Festival in Whitby. Clouds of smoke and lights theatrically immerse the audience, providing the perfect setting to experience the compelling material.

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