Spread the Horror

Enjoy our new trailer for PromoteHorror.com below called “Spread the Horror” featuring images from some of our recent promotions. Whether you are a creator of horror, or a horror fan we hope that you’ll visit our site. If you’re a creator of horror and need a promotion, please visit our “About” page at PromoteHorror.com/About for complete details on how to make that happen. If you’re a horror fan, we hope you’ll visit the site and find a promotion, news, convention, short film, etc that you like and you’ll share it with others…hence Spread the Horror!

About PromoteHorror.com

Welcome to PromoteHorror.com and thank you for your interest in our promotions. Our goal is to bring creators of horror and horror fans together. We want to help promote your films, books, blogs, websites, artwork, photography, stores, conventions, events, podcasts, crowdfunding campaigns, and more through our promotional offers!

Read about our promotional offers at: PromoteHorror.com/About

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