Christopher Highland Goes From Internet Radio Host to Published Author with ‘The Witch and the Prince’

Full Spectrum horror host, Christopher Highland, goes from internet radio host to published author with The Witch and the Prince, a contemporary fantasy/horror tale.

February 2020. Internet radio host Christopher Highland has just published his first profession literary project. The novel that is titled The Witch and the Prince is a contemporary fantasy tale with horror elements.



Michael is an eccentric young man living in the suburbs of Chicago. One day he hits a baseball through the window of an abandoned house that is known in the neighborhood to be haunted. Michael goes in to reclaim his ball and finds an old woman living there, an old woman who is about to change his life. For you see the old woman, whose name is Rose is actually an ancient witch. Soon a friendship begins, one that will transcend the boundaries of the human world and that of the fairy folk.

The Witch and the Prince is a story that, like its main characters, transcends genres and uses fantasy and drama to deal with not only the fantastic but also real human issues and themes. Christopher Highland has weaved a tale that both lovers of good fantasy and newcomers to this genre will thoroughly enjoy.

“I’ve felt very blessed over the years to be working with Christopher Highland and to be able to mentor him and watch him grow as a person and an artist.” admits author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, the author of The Camp Crystal Lake novel series and Psychotic State: The novel. “I’m so happy that he can finally bring his literary talent to the world.”

The book was released in both print and Kindle format on in February 2020 through WCP Enterprises Publishing.


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