“MOTHER” by Amin Yoma Now on YouTube

“MOTHER”, directed by Amin Yoma and produced by Yomka Pictures, Black Mandala, Camauer and Yagan, had its exclusive world premiere on Wednesday, April 15th at “WATCH MOVIES NOW!”, one of the YOUTUBE´s horror official channels. The director Amin Yoma and the producer Nicolás Onetti were there live answering questions even while the film is running.

“MOTHER” won the “BLOOD WINDOW: WORK IN PROGRESS AWARD” during VENTANA SUR, the most important film market of Latin America.


Adela (Florencia Benitez) wants to have a child but she doesn’t get pregnant and blames her partner (Joaquín Berthold) for her sterility. Depressed and desperate, she turns to a seer (“Chucho” Fernandez) to find out if she’ll ever be able to become a mother but this person predicts a destiny marked by fatality. Increasingly affected and subjected to an unstoppable obsession, Adela’s mind seems to be heading down an ever darker path.

Cast: Florencia Benitez, Joaquín Berthold, Chucho Fernandez, Daiana Provenzano, Flor Berthold, Miguel Paludi, Magui Bravi

Countries: Argentina/Nueva Zelanda

Year: 2019

Genre: Thriller

Language: Spanish with english subtitles

Director: Amin Yoma

Producers: Amin Yoma, Nicolás Onetti, Eduardo Camauer, Michael Kraetzer

Music: Luciano Onetti

Director of Photography: Amin Yoma

Sound Director: Tomas Amans

Drone Oprator: Marcelo Fontela

Special Effects: Simón Ratziel

Colour Correction: Luciano Onetti

Post Production Sound: Emiliano Monsegur

Post Production Sound FX: Andreina Gomez

Sound Mix: Yagan Films

Producer Companies: Yomka Pictures, Black Mandala, Camauer, Yagan

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