New Debut Album Vamp Coming Soon From British Scream Queen Dani Thompson

Scream Queen actress and model, Dani Thompson, has teamed up with Will Metheringham of Great Northern Hotel to present her debut album.

Dani and Will worked on the set of the film ‘Pumpkins’ in which he asked her to guest on a piece of music for the film.

Will had been a fan of Dani’s work for some time, striking up a bond in their love of horror / music and old-fashioned film. This in turn led to the idea for the album.

The album is a mix of seductive, electro, pop/rock.

An indiegogo campaign has been launched for album pre sales with some other perk packages available including a digital download, 10 track CD album, posters and t-shirts.

The tracks have already been recorded so the funds will go towards the mixing and mastering, CD printing and cover the rest of the perks.

This campaign is a unique chance to be the first to get your hands-on Dani’s debut album.

By supporting this campaign, you will be able to get your hands on the album first, months before the release on any other platforms like iTunes or Spotify etc.

Pre orders will be sent out by Halloween 2020.

To support this project please go to:

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