Short Horror Film “Tea Time” from Filmmaker Tara Price Hits Film Festivals

From the filmmaker of the award-winning short film Earworm comes Tea Time! A story about a sweet little girl having an innocent backyard tea party with her toys… or so it seems. When no one else is looking, her toys come to life as real people and it’s revealed that she’s actually their mob boss with a score to settle! Meanwhile, her oblivious brother is raining on her parade with his insistence that he and his action figure get to play too! Will the toys escape her bloody wrath? It’s Calvin and Hobbes meets Scarface! With a special appearance from WWE Champion Rob Van Dam.

Upcoming screenings include:
Sep 1 – 8 Horrible Imaginings
Sep 3 – 6 Cinematic Panic
Sep 6 GenreBlast Film Festival
Sep 8 – Oct 14 Online New England Film Festival
Sep 12 Defy Film Festival
Nov Drunken Film Festival
TBA LA1 Film Festival
TBA FilmQuest
TBA Creature Feature Weekend
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