Uncork’d has Acquired U.S, Canada and Mexico Rights to Embryo

Patricio Valladares, the genre specialist whose feature credits include Hidden In The Woods, Downhill, and Nightworld, directed the new sci fi horror movie, which was filmed in Chile.

The concept for “Embryo” was co-penned by screenwriter and video game scribe, Barry Keating (Nightworld, Downhill) and Valladares, and “Follows Kevin and his girlfriend Evelyn, who, while camping out in the woods in the Chilean countryside is abducted and impregnated by otherworldly beings. As the entity inside her begins to grow at an exponential rate, Evelyn discovers the cravings she’s experiencing can only be satiated by the sweet taste of human flesh and blood. When she attacks a doctor, Kevin decides not to hand her over to the small town authorities, but to go on the run in a bid to reach the city where they can find help to try remove the thing lowly taking over Evelyn’s body..”

Valladares and Keating describe the pic as a sort of “Twisted hybrid film that plays out as a road movie infused with elements of “Species (1995), Breakdown (1997) and found footage”.

The pic has somewhat of a wild backstory behind its inception and getting it over the finish line. With Valladares being unable to shoot during the COVID lockdown crisis he was able to layer the film with additional moments culled from old travel footage of he his and wife, hiking in the mountains as well as sightseeing in London at the European premiere of Hidden In The Woods at FrightFest 2012. He was also able to shoot additional scenes at home using his own kit, including a camera and iPhone. He opted for this raw format in order to eliminate the the need for a crew, save for wifen and the couple’s 4 year-old Mortal Kombat and superhero obsessed daughter..

Uncork’d president Keith Leopard made the deal with Patricio Valladares himself. “Embryo is a very cool and stylized horror film and Patricio has crafted a nifty little thriller” said Keith Leopard. “Right now, some of the best horror is coming from outside the US and I’m thrilled to be working with Patricio on the release next year”

Added Keating and Valladares, who directed from their own script: “We’re extremely happy to partner with Uncork’d, because Keith and his team are true horror fans that we believe can help our movie to find the best possible audience in North America, and we can’t wait to share it with them, as well as the rest of the world.”

The film was produced by Francisco Inostroza. And is produced by Chilean-based Vallastudio Films and Chilean Government. Corfo. The Chilean movie Embryo will be released digitally next year.

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