“Silently Within Your Shadow” Now Available on YouTube

After a two year festival run, and three years streaming exclusively with Amazon and ShortsTV, festival hit Silently Within Your Shadow finally makes its YouTube premiere, just in time for Halloween season!

Written and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Scott Lyus, Silently Within Your Shadow stars indie star Sophie Tergeist, Byron Fernandes and horror legend Bill Moseley as the voice of haunted ventriloquist dummy Hugo.

The film tells the story of Lucette and her obsession with Hugo. As her obsession grows, it quickly puts a strain on her relationship with boyfriend Jace. To Lucette Hugo is more than just a dummy, he’s her best friend and represents her ambition as an artist, to her, he’s very much real. But to Jace Hugo is just a puppet, or is he?

Having screened at more than 100 festivals worldwide, including genre hot spots in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, the award winning horror short was picked up by ShortsTV and Amazon for an exclusive three year streaming deal. Writer/Director Scott Lyus had this to say,

“It’s been a long time coming but I’m beyond excited to finally bring one of my earliest short films to YouTube. I know that among fans of my work, Silently Within Your Shadow is still many peoples favourite and I have nothing but great memories making this short. Without the film, and horror legend Bill Moseley taking a gamble on me this early into my career, I would never have had the opportunities I’ve had since the film broke out on the festival scene. I owe a hell of a lot to this little film and without it there is no Echoes of the Passed, Black Mass and certainly no Walking Against the Rain. I’ve come a long way as a filmmaker in the past 5 years but Silently Within Your Shadow will always hold a special place in my heart. And it certainly makes for a fun watch this Halloween season.”

Silently Within Your Shadow is now live on YouTube and is a must watch for any horror fan this Halloween.

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