‘Loathsome Voyages’ is Available for Pre-Order Now

Skullgate Media is thrilled to invite you to join us a voyage into the ominous and strange.

A blood-soaked writing desk. A town where going missing is ominously routine. A portal to another dimension within a mirror. Inside these pages are tales of gods and monsters, of madness and obsession, of passion and unknowable terrors. Loathsome Voyages presents tales ranging from the delectably dark to the shockingly surreal. Some possess an uncanny horror, others a frightful beauty. All are journeys into strange worlds from which you may never return. Inspired by the work of weird fiction masters old and new–from Lovecraft to Miéville, from Hodgson to VanderMeer–this treacherous, eldritch volume brings together fourteen of today’s best authors of speculative fiction. Join Skullgate Media as we embark on our most Loathsome Voyages.

Contains stories by B.K. Bass, Chris Durston, Gary A. Fagan, Zack Friday, Anthony Harris, Christopher Harris, Mackenzie Litledale, Michael D. Nadeau, Michelle River, J.L. Royce, Mark J. Shultis, CD Storiz, and C. Vandyke. Edited by CD Storiz and Chris Durston.

Loathsome Voyages is available for pre-order now on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QD2H1FX. It will be available in paperback and wherever books are sold on January 7th, 2021.

For more information about Skullgate Media go to www.skullgatemedia.com or follow us on Twitter as @skullgatemedia

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