Sharing a small peaceful Los Angeles apartment, Natalie and Kimiko are looking for a new additional roommate. Desperate for rent money and tired of conducting interviews they accept Miko to move in with no renters contract or background check, to get the process over with. Natalie quickly senses something is not right. What started out seemingly as a personality clash, quickly turns into a power-play between Natalie and Miko. Miko’s inner world of anger, hatred, and madness is gradually manifesting outward, causing a living nightmare for everyone who encounters her. Natalie discovers the underlying reason for her hate, but it is already too late…


Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg, Mia Ando, Yukina Takase, Rachel Amanda Bryant, Matthew Ryan Anderson, and Chloe Brewer

Directed by:

David Palmieri 

Written by:

Sami Sonnesso, and Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg

“Oh my days this looks amazing!!! So freaky!! I can’t wait to see the full movie!”

“Can’t wait to watch it!”

“Looks like it’s going to be an amazing movie”

“The suspense is killing me!!! lol Can’t wait to see it already!!!”

For all those waiting for the movie, good news…the wait is almost over!

Fans can now pre-order the film on:


Official iTunes Release Date: January 12th!

Coming Soon After to:

Amazon  YouTube  Microsoft  

Vimeo  Google Play  Vudu

For more information, please “Like” its Facebook page, and follow the film on Instagram!

Also check out this interview with lead actress/writer Elisabeth Steen-Noklebery from Film Daily!

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