Reviewing, ranking, interviews and just talking about horror movies and media in general!

Segments including  “My First Horror Movie” where they interview celebrities, musicians, actors, directors, composers, youtubers and podcasters about the first horror movie they watched and how it affected them, a segment called “Didn’t See That Coming” where they review a horror movie with a twist ending, and also franchise rankings, movie reviews and more.

Here are a few recent episodes to give you a look at what to expect on their YouTube Channel…

My First Horror Movie Ep. 107: Mitch Francis (Charles, Who Goes There)

My First Horror Movie Ep. 106: L.C. Holt (You’re Next, V/H/S/ 2, Times Up)

Didn’t See That Coming Ep. 4: Devil (2010)

SledgeHammer Horror Presents: Insidious Franchise Ranking (Featuring Jonathan James/The Daily Dead)

Sledgehammer Reviews: House (1986)

That’s just a small sample of the awesome videos they have. Find more of them by subscribing to their YouTube Channel at

They have merchandise available at:

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