Discovery+ Paranormal & Unexplained Programming Highlights: Feb. 15-28



The AIMS Team Gathers ‘Round the Campfire to Watch Fan-Favorite Episodes and Swap Behind-the-Scenes Stories in New Series MOUNTAIN MONSTERS: BY THE FIRE



NEW SERIES – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 16 on discovery+

This all-new eight-episode series reveals exactly how the world will end, and what will be behind it, as predicted by history’s greatest prophet, Nostradamus. Combining the infamous seer’s ancient words with paintings from a mysterious lost book bearing his name, the series decodes new prophecies and causes of the world’s demise. Nostradamus saw the impending apocalypse 500 years ago, and now it’s up to experts to reveal the terrifying truth his visions can prepare us for. These groundbreaking interpretations uncover the destruction soon to be inflicted upon us by earthquakes, floods, fire, nuclear war, disease, asteroid strikes and more. Are you prepared? [Hour-long episodes]

“Seismic Destiny” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 16

Nostradamus had terrifying visions of massive earthquakes flattening buildings, triggering tsunamis and forcing rivers to run backwards. Scholars analyze his predictions to uncover exactly how, and when, our world will shatter.

“Waters Rising” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 16

Nostradamus foresaw catastrophic floods destroying countries and drowning entire civilizations until humankind is wiped off the map. Scholars decode his horrific visions to tell us when we will meet our watery doom.

“Volcanic Ruin” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 23

Nostradamus predicted a series of devastating volcanic eruptions would rip through the earth, choking out mankind with a thick, toxic smoke. Scholars reveal the unstoppable chain of events that will bring us to the end of days.


NEW SERIES – Begins Streaming Monday, February 15 on discovery+

Alaska is a hotbed for UFO sightings, abductions and extraterrestrial encounters. Why are these otherworldly visitors drawn to America’s last frontier? Shocking new evidence and personal testimony from local witnesses shed light on the alien activity. [Hour-long episodes]

              SERIES PREMIERE: “Men in Black” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 15

A fleet of glimmering orbs stalk the skies above Anchorage. Strange men in black suits knock on the door of a UFO witness after an eerie light show in North Pole, Alaska. A woman is terrorized by a pack of small humanoid creatures that only she can see.

“Alien Flight Plan” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 22

A routine flight turns terrifying when a bush pilot witnesses unsettling UFO activity. A former government operative reveals top-secret coordinates to an alleged alien base. A man chases a playful pair of levitating lights across Juneau.


NEW SERIES – Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21 on discovery+

The AIMS team gather around a rip-roaring campfire to watch fan-favorite episodes of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS. They add colorful commentary, swap hilarious behind-the-scenes stories and share never-before-seen footage and bloopers, all while making fun of each other as only this group of bearded brothers can. [Hour-long episodes]

“Sheepsquatch” – Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21

The AIMS team gather around a campfire to reminisce over one of their strangest monster encounters. The bearded brothers have their most bizarre conversation yet as Huckleberry and Jeff compete to see how many peanuts they can fit in their bellybuttons.

 “The Grassman” – Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21

The AIMS team gather around a campfire to revisit their investigation of the legendary Ohio Grassman. They re-examine an incredible eyewitness video and reveal Buck’s hilarious trip down a flooded creek. Plus, Huckleberry gives an update on his toenails.

“The Wolfman” – Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21

The AIMS team gather around a roaring campfire to watch their first-ever episode. The boys reflect on what it was like seeing themselves on TV for the first time and reveal the scariest moment of the entire investigation –  Wild Bill in Daisy Dukes.

“Hogzilla” – Begins Streaming Sunday, February 28

The AIMs team gather around a campfire to relive their hunt for a mythical hog beast in Ohio. Eyewitness Hall of Famer Wildman joins the party, and his antics leave the guys in stitches. Plus, Wild Bill’s pork power is put to the test.


NEW SEASON – Begins Streaming Friday, February 26 on discovery+

Some of the most amazing, eye-opening and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world are featured as a panel of experts break down the footage and analyze what exactly the eyewitnesses captured. Insights from some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the field and firsthand accounts from the people lucky enough – or perhaps unlucky enough – to witness these strange phenomena for themselves just might make a believer of even the biggest skeptics out there. [Hour-long episodes]

SEASON PREMIERE: “Kentucky Poltergeist and More” – Begins Streaming Friday, February 26

A Kentucky woman hires an empath to rid her home of a pesky poltergeist. A terrifying creature holes up in a barn at night. A Russian cosmonaut spots a UFO over Antarctica. All this and much more paranormal footage you have to see to believe!


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan are back on the case. In each episode of THE DEAD FILES, DiSchiavi and Allan first investigate each case separately. Utilizing his detective skills, DiSchiavi interviews witnesses and experts, and researches the history and facts behind each location. Allan, a physical medium who sees and communicates with the dead, assesses the property to identify what underlying entities reside there. Keeping their findings hidden from each other, the team avoids all contact with one another – coming together only at the very end to reveal their shocking discoveries to the property owners, and each other. [Hour-long episodes]

“Shadowed Evil” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 15

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where a woman claims evil forces are ripping her family apart. Looming shadow figures and mysterious attacks has everyone at each other’s throats. They need help fast before someone gets seriously hurt. 

“Mortal Danger” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 22

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to San Jose, California, where a man claims apparitions run wild in his home. He and his partner want out, but his mother refuses to budge. He fears the dark forces will continue to advance until another soul joins the legion of the dead.


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

In a frighteningly friendly competition to freak each other out with the creepiest, craziest paranormal evidence ever caught on camera, Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass – each reveal the most mind-blowing supernatural footage they can find. They’ll speak to the terrified eyewitnesses who captured it, get insight from psychic mediums, ufologists, cryptozoologists and other renowned experts, before deciding on each episode’s “nightmare clip” – the one that haunts your dreams and keeps you up at night! [Hour-long episodes]

“Bigfoot Gets a Pedicure” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 16

Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass – strive to scare each other with bizarre footage and eyewitness accounts of a doppelganger-infested seminary, the most haunted restaurant in South Carolina, physical evidence that Bigfoot exists and more.

“The Hand That Rocks the Cray Doll” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, February 23

Jack Osbourne, Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass attempt to petrify one another with chilling footage from a haunted antique shop, a possessed doll, a shadow figure resembling Slimer and a museum packed like a powder keg with haunted objects!


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Former federal agent and paranormal investigator Ben Hansen is on a mission to uncover the truth behind the country’s most shocking and infamous UFO sightings. With unprecedented access to the archives of Dr. Alan J. Hynek, the chief scientific consultant of Project Blue Book, containing over 10,000 case files, Hansen believes the answers to UFOs in America are hidden in the cases of the past. Aiding Hansen on his quest is Jennie Zeidman, the last surviving operative of Project Bluebook and Mark O’Connell, an accomplished UFO investigator and former confidant of Dr. Hynek. Together, they will uncover the secrets of the past to shed new light on today’s freshest UFO encounters. [Hour-long episodes]

SEASON FINALE: “The Hybrid Secret” – Begins Streaming Thursday, February 18

Evidence of a possible extraterrestrial breeding program sends Ben Hansen to San Francisco in search of answers about alien-human hybrids. He suspects there may be a link to the Betty and Barney Hill case, one of the world’s most famous abduction stories.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

After a groundbreaking freshman run, THE HOLZER FILES returns with all-new investigations, from a woman’s terrifying dreams that seem to bleed over into reality in her family’s coastal home to the origin of the hauntings that lie in a strange rock formation. Led by investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman, THE HOLZER FILES investigates terrifying true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of America’s first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. Recognized as the “father of the paranormal,” Holzer’s legendary four-decade exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts, more than 120 books and even inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.” Now, with the help of Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra Holzer, Travel Channel exclusively reopens Holzer’s most captivating case files – digging into thousands of documents, letters, photographs and chilling audio and visual recordings dating back to the 1950s.

“The Ghost That Got Away” – Begins Streaming Saturday, February 20

The team reopens a case that eluded Hans Holzer for decades as they unlock the iron gates of a Virginia mansion for its first-ever paranormal investigation. They seek out the spirit of a young woman said to roam the grounds, weeping for her lost love.

 “Ancient Evil” – Begins Streaming Saturday, February 27

Hans Holzer visited Mystery Hill countless times throughout his storied career, yet he refused to discuss the dark truths buried on the site. The team ventures to New Hampshire to find out why he insisted on keeping his family far away from the haunted hilltop.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are back for more adventures to the other side. This season’s locations have bigger mysteries, are more chilling and have never been investigated on television. And this time, they are calling in an old friend for some help – paranormal investigator Shari DeBenedetti. On all investigations, collecting evidence is just the beginning. With the help of their local contacts, they’re going to embed themselves in the community, conducting multiday investigations in an effort to track down the true source of these hauntings and restore peace to the living. Under the United Paranormal Research Organization (UPRO) banner, local paranormal groups will join the team as they employ new devices and techniques for confronting and questioning spirits. They’ll do whatever it takes to entice the ghost into telling its story and stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the paranormal phenomena. [Hour-long episodes]

 “Murder at the Asylum” Begins Streaming Saturday, February 20

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Shari DeBenedetti head to Pennsylvania to investigate Harrisburg State Hospital, a former asylum plagued by paranormal activity. With the impending demolition of several buildings on the sprawling campus, the surrounding community lives in fear of where the disturbed spirits will go. In their largest investigation to date, the team uncovers gruesome deaths and captures solid evidence that the ghosts of the asylum are indeed restless.

SEASON FINALE: “Tortured Soul Asylum” Begins Streaming Saturday, February 27

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Shari DeBenedetti continue their extended investigation of Harrisburg State Hospital. Joined by Hawes’ daughters, Sam and Satori, the team uses their unique approach and high-tech gear to peel away the layers of the haunted property’s past. They suspect the former asylum’s dark and disturbing history might be the root of the intense paranormal activity that could soon threaten the surrounding community when the buildings are demolished.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Professional paranormal investigators Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey are facing hauntings unlike anything they’ve seen yet in the new season of KINDRED SPIRITS. Bruni, Berry and Coffey dig deep into the past to identify the restless spirits haunting America’s oldest inns, homes and estates. Utilizing a range of tools and techniques, their multilayered investigations tackle frightening tales of possession, aggressive entities and more. Together, the team elicit shocking evidence and connections with the other side that lead them closer to the truth, as they search for answers behind each haunted tale. [Hour-long episodes]

“Buried Alone” Begins Streaming Saturday, February 20

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey conduct a spiritual sweep of Fort Adams, a massive military structure haunted by dead soldiers and victims of various crimes. But one lost and lonely spirit stands apart from all the others.

 “The Haunting of Graestone Manor” Begins Streaming Saturday, February 27

Photographic evidence of injured paranormal investigators spurs Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey to investigate a dark presence in a Victorian mansion. The team suspects a recently unearthed graveyard may have triggered the ghostly activity.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

The EXPEDITION BIGFOOT team – Bryce Johnson, Dr. Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord and Ronny LeBlanc – have reassembled to respond to the uptick in Bigfoot sightings, just this year. Using an advanced data algorithm, they are honing in on a massive swath of forest in southeast Kentucky, where the mathematical odds of a Bigfoot encounter are greatly increased. This year, their analysis has uncovered something new – possible Bigfoot migratory patterns that may reveal precisely where the legendary beasts will be and when they will be there. Using the latest in advanced technologies, evidence of Bigfoot begins to pile up – including vocalizations, unexplained structures, DNA samples and massive footprints that no man could have left behind. [Hour-long episodes]

 “Dark Memories” Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21

Bryce Johnson enlists a hypnotist to unlock the memories of a Bigfoot witness and learns an intriguing new detail about the elusive beast. The rest of the team uncovers possible evidence that a juvenile Sasquatch may be lurking in the Olympic Peninsula.

 “Paranormal Anomaly” Begins Streaming Sunday, February 28

After recording a possible Sasquatch disappearing across a river, Ronny LeBlanc, Mireya Mayor and Russell Acord revisit the site and encounter more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Bryce Johnson attempts to get to the bottom of strange reports of Bigfoot turning invisible.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

The surviving members of the AIMS team meet up for the first time after Trapper’s passing to discuss the team’s future and embark on brand-new adventures Trapper had set up for them before he passed. Equipped with his personal journal filled with everything he ever learned about the woods, the team travels to the mountains of the Tygart Valley on a mission to prove that there are still wolves in West Virginia. A bounty was put on them, and the last wolf was said to have been killed in 1900. As the team investigates, they soon believe that not only are there wolves in the Tygart Valley, but something much more mysterious and deadly. Throughout the season, the team learns from locals of massive K9 cryptids with glowing red eyes that inhabit the land and are known by locals as Smoke Wolves. As they dig deeper, they realize that Trapper, in fact, knew about these creatures back in the 1970s. [Hour-long episodes]

“The Coyote Killing Massacre” Begins Streaming Sunday, February 21

The AIMS team enters no man’s land in pursuit of the red-eyed Smoke Wolves. They find an old hunting trick in Trapper’s journal that may draw out the demonic canines, but the boys soon realize they are treading on dangerous ground when they stumble across a pack of dead coyotes.

 New Episode Begins Streaming Sunday, February 28

              Episode description TBD

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