Yellow Veil Pictures Boards World Sales Rights for SXSW Animated Fantasy Midnighter THE SPINE OF NIGHT

NY/LA-based arthouse genre sales company Yellow Veil Pictures have acquired world sales rights on THE SPINE OF NIGHT from directors Philip Gelatt and Morgan Galen King and producers Will Battersby, Philip Gelatt, and Jean Rattle. The movie is set to world premiere as part of the SXSW Midnighters section, taking place virtually next month.  

THE SPINE OF NIGHT is an ultra-violent, hand-rotoscoped epic fantasy inspired by the cult classic works of animators Ralph Bakshi and Frank Franzetta. The film is set in a fantasy land ripe with magic and intrigue where a dark force is unleashed sending mankind into an age of ruin. It falls on heroes from different eras and cultures to fight back, and stars Richard E. Grant (STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA), Lucy Lawless (Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Xena: Warrior Princess), Patton Oswalt (THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2, Parks and Recreation), Betty Gabriel (GET OUT, UPGRADE), and Joe Manganiello (JUSTICE LEAGUE, SPIDER-MAN), also featuring Abby Savage (Orange Is The New Black), and Larry Fessenden (THE DEAD DON’T DIE, DEPRAVED) and Rob McClure. 

A modern throwback to animated films of the 1970s, THE SPINE OF NIGHT is a politically progressive and boundary-pushing feature, and on the pick-up Yellow Veil Pictures Co-Founder Joe Yanick said: “The images born of the classic era of Adult-theme animation are given a new, modern lease on life in The Spine of Night. It’s a seven-year labor of love that offers so much more than nostalgic fluff, but rather mines new depths in a beloved genre.”

Directors Philip Gelatt and Morgan Galen King, in a joint statement, said: “The Spine of Night was made as a bold-faced love letter to a classic style of animation in the service of telling a fantasy story rich in theme and wild in imagination. Given their devotion to boundary-pushing genre material, we can’t imagine a better partner on the film than Yellow Veil.”


Formed in 2018 by Hugues Barbier, Justin Timms, and Joe Yanick, Yellow Veil Pictures is a New York City and Los Angeles-based worldwide film sales company. Focusing exclusively on boundary pushing genre cinema, Yellow Veil seeks to highlight emerging filmmakers who exist on the cusp of commercial, arthouse cinema, while maintaining a unique focus on festival strategy and production and packaging.

Launching out the 2018 Frontières market at the Fantasia International Film Festival, with Tilman Singer’s debut LUZ. Yellow Veil have since worked on debuts from Josh Lobo (I TRAPPED THE DEVIL), A.T. White (STARFISH), Matthew Pope (BLOOD ON HER NAME),  Jack Henry Robbins (VHYES), as well as boarding films by Larry Fessenden (DEPRAVED), Rob Grant (HARPOON), Joel Potrykus (RELAXER) and George Romero (THE AMUSEMENT PARK). In addition, Yellow Veil acts as the festival agent for Shudder’s LA LLORONA, BLOOD QUANTUM, HOST, HORROR NOIRE, and THE RANGER.

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