“Matthew Salinas’s Seven Scary Stories kept me on the edge of my seat. Having read many horror stories in the past, I was excited for the introduction of Matthew’s tales to add to my experiences with horror authors. And he did not disappoint. All of the stories were well worth exploring and enjoying. Matthew Salinas is an author who should be on everyone’s reading list. Well done!”

“Loosely connected by setting and holiday, this collection of horror stories explores the dark recesses of a place called Nowheresville on Halloween night. The author’s prose style reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s with the same elegant use of language and careful analysis of madness. I even saw the influence of Alfred Hitchhcock in Mr. Salinas’s examination of a seemingly ordinary small town that hides terror within its limits.”

“This book had a great connected horror feel beyond scary stories to tell in the dark, and more like creepshow with a small hint of trick-or-treat. There are stories that are directly horror in their true sense, and there are those that actually draw out haunting and sad emotions. And to add into it, the addition of poems reminds me of a starting path to Edgar Allen Poe. The one about the silver castle reminds me a lot of masque of the Red death… a delightful quick read, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“This was a wonderfully written book that reminded me of Stephen King novels, with an Edgar Allen Poe type tale in the middle. Both of whom i love! Fiddled with the supernatural, ghosts and witches this book is entertaining and a quick well worth read. Well done to the author and I look forward to more haunted tales from him.”

“Well done Mr. Salinas, you really brought it to this effort. Not only did you cleverly tie these stories, but you also evoked emotions in me that I am still haunted by as I think about this book. What a talent you have, I look forward to more works from you.”

“Mr. Salinas’s Seven Scary Stories” is the first in an ongoing horror anthology series based in a small town in Midwestern America. This proverbial Nowheresville is the backdrop for seven characters who find their lives in disarray. They are, each in their own way, consumed by loss, suffering, or terror. Set around Halloween and its superstitions, this collection of short stories will immerse the reader in a tale of small town, American horror.

Each story within this book can be considered the first chapter in the ongoing series Mr. Salinas’s Horror Anthology. Seeping with psychological suspense, this is an examination of the inner workings of fear and dread on the human mind.

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And then be on the look out for ‘Mr. Salinas’s Thirteen Scary Stories‘ coming soon!!!

About Author Matthew P.S. Salinas

My name is Matthew P.S. Salinas. I am an author from Illinois currently working on an anthology horror series, more short stories, and poetry. I appreciate any and all readers and reviews of my work. I wish to contribute quality works for people’s enjoyment. As a life long reader myself, I find writing and reading to be two of the greatest endeavors I have ever pursued. I am looking to publish another work shortly, hopefully within a year and then hopefully a third sometime shortly after. I am an avid fan of poetry, horror, and short stories. I draw inspiration from my everyday experiences, past events I’ve lived through, and the works and classics I have enjoyed myself growing up.

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